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Certification Training

ACE Personal Trainer Exam Prep Course

The American Council on Exercise (ACE®) Personal Trainer Exam Prep course prepares you for a career as a personal fitness trainer. The fitness industry offers many full or part-time employment opportunities for personal trainers who have an accredited certification, knowledge, people skills and a passion for helping others. This 8-week course is offered to members and non-members. UH students who take the course may qualify for employment with our fitness team.

  • 8-week virtual course
  • Classes meet once a week for 2 hours


NETA Group Exercise Certification

Learn the basic academic and practical application of teaching group exercise. Workshop registration includes a full-day review, written exam, and 2-year certification!

Course Information:

NETA Indoor Cycling Certification

Learn the basics of teaching cycling classes including getting started, setting up the room, managing a variety of situations.

Course Information:

ACE Group Exercise Course

It's an 8-week training course that teaches students the knowledge and skills needed to be a group exercise instructor. Auditions for UH Group Fitness Instructors are held at the end of the course. Instructor opportunities are dependent on passing the ACE instructor certification exam.

Course Information:

  • October 6 - November 18
  • 8-week virtual course
  • Classes meet once a week for 2 hours
  • This course does not start if participation is lower than 3 people.
  • This course does not guarantee employment at UH, but the course does give preference over those who have not taken the instructor course

Fitness Instructor Audition

Want to become a group fitness instructor? You can lead a dance, strength, mind-body, cycle, and many other group fitness classes here at the CRWC. Develop a 10-minute group fitness class of your choice and start your part-time fitness career.