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Renovation and Upgrades

Summer '16

Beginning Friday, May 6, 2016, a much-needed renovation will begin to update and improve the second-floor spaces of the University of Houston Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. This renovation will include the following improvements:

  • Increase and update electrical capacity, allowing for more treadmills and intentional placement of cardio machines
  • Update network capabilities, allowing for an enhanced entertainment experience as new cardio machines are purchased
  • Replace track flooring
  • Replace weight room flooring
  • Replace carpet in the fitness zone Add new televisions to the cardio area
  • Add new mirrors to the free weight section of the fitness zone.

To allow for the renovation, several fitness spaces will be closed during the construction. The second floor will be entirely closed for a few days to accommodate construction needs. We will communicate those closures in advance as the project gets underway. Temporary weight space will be provided on the racquetball court side of the track outside of the time period when full closure is required. While we will make every effort to maintain a satisfactory fitness environment, some equipment will not be available for use due to logistical issues. Such equipment will include, but may not be limited to:

  • Indoor track Upstairs Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Treadmills (excluding the Woodway Curve)
  • Land Mine Trainers
  • Double-sided Racks
  • Life Fitness Cable Machines
  • Dumbbells exceeding 60lbs.

Additionally, certain lifts will not be permitted. The lifts listed below are being prohibited in an effort to protect the structural integrity of the track, as well as maintain a safe and congestion-free environment. These lifts will include but are not limited to:

  • Deadlifts
  • All standing overhead lifts (cleans, snatches, military press)
  • Any lifts that result in the dropping of the weights, including at the end of the set.

Summer '15

The project was all-inclusive and included upgrades that will help the Aquatics facilities to be more sustainable. Below is a list of just a few highlights of what was accomplished during the renovation:

  • Complete replacement of all filters, pumps, motors, piping, and chemical feed systems on all bodies of water
  • Addition of UV technology to both pools and spas
  • New dehumidification system for the natatorium and dedicated spectator seating HVAC
  • Replacement of the video boards and timing system
  • Replacement of the previous stainless steel bulkheads to three Stark fiberglass bulkheads
  • Overhead lighting replaced with LED with dimming capabilities
  • All underwater lighting replaced with LED and color changing capability in the Leisure Pool
  • Replacement of starting blocks to customized Spectrum Xcellerator blocks
  • Fully functional indoor and outdoor spas
  • Replacement of outdoor lounge chair furniture

Spring '14

  • New Fitness Equipment
    • 2 Matrix Crank Cycles (Arm Ergometers)
    • 3 Woodway Curve Treadmills
    • Cybex Smith Machine

Fall '13

  • New Lounge Furniture
  • Elkay Water Bottle Filling Station
  • New Sports and Fitness Equipment
    • 15 Life Fitness Signature Series Strength Circuit
    • 5 Life Fitness Discover Series Recumbent Cycles
  • Lighting and Resurfacing of Cullen Field

Summer '13

  • New Lockers
  • New Cardion Equipment
    • 5 Concept II Rowing Machines
    • 10 Keiser M3 Group Cycle Bikes
    • 8 Precor EFX 833 Elliptical Machines
    • 5 Life Fitness Discover Series Upright Cycle
    • 4 Octane Lateral X Trainers
    • 2 Matrix Step Mills
    • 4 Precor EFX 835 Cross Trainers
    • 1 Jacob’s Ladder
    • Kettle Bell Set

Spring '13

  • Leisure Pool Upgrade to ADA Standards and Resurfacing

Fall '12

  • Sauna Replacement