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Special Events

Lifeguard Tryout

Individuals interested in becoming a lifeguard with Campus Recreation are asked to undergo tryouts before completing the American Red Cross lifeguard certification course. All tryouts will be conducted at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center Natatorium. Bring a swimsuit and towel.

You may schedule an appointment by contacting UH CRWC Aquatics Office at craqua@central.uh.edu

Currently Hiring Lifeguards

Summer Pay $15/hr
Don't have Certification, we can get you certified!
If interested please contact the UH CRWC Aquatics Office at craqua@central.uh.edu

Limited Access & Closures

View facility hours for limited access or closure information.

UH CRWC Aquatics Office
Aquatic Programs Coordinator, Aquatics Department
4500 University Drive, Houston, TX 77004
(713) 743-0855