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UH Students

#ComeThruCoogs! If you’re a currently-enrolled student at the University of Houston main campus, you’re already a Rec member!


  • UH – Main Campus students become Campus Recreation and Wellness Center (CRWC) members once they have registered and paid the Recreation Center fee for the current term. The Recreation Center fee will be listed as: “Mandatory Fee - Recreation and Wellness Center" in their tuition.
  • Students must present their Cougar Card upon entry to gain access to the facility.


  • Eligible to sponsor a membership for either both parents or two roommates and any dependent children. See Sponsored by a Student for additional information and requirements. 

Continuing Membership

  • Students who are not enrolled in the summer semester but were enrolled in the spring semester are eligible to purchase a CRWC Summer membership at the current mandatory recreation fee.
  • Students who do not pay the CRWC Fee (e.g. enrolled only online courses or hybrid courses, co-op students, or in absentia students) need to purchase a membership at the Member Services desk.
  • Students who are enrolled for the upcoming fall semester may purchase a student pass, at the student summer rate. The student membership will become effective on the first day of classes.
  • Students who have enrolled for both summer sessions have access to the Recreation Center for the entire summer months. Students who have enrolled for just a single summer session are encouraged to try scanning in before purchasing a Student Summer membership. It might be valid for the entire summer.


Day Pass Half-Summer Semester
$15 $59.00 $118