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Mission, Vision & Values


Campus Recreation provides the UH community an inclusive environment that cultivates the development of life skills through engaging and meaningful recreation programs, facilities and service.


UH Campus Recreation aspires to create a culture of:

INTENTIONALITY, by creating experiential learning opportunities that meet the needs  of the diverse UH community

ENGAGEMENT, by providing opportunities for involvement through the utilization of extraordinary facilities, programs, and services

STUDENT SUCCESS, by creating a student driven department with professional leadership


SERVICE – We are committed to providing quality service to the UH community through intentional patron interactions, safe and reliable equipment, well-maintained facility spaces, and knowledgeable staff.

INTEGRITY – We are driven by our mission, vision and values in all decisions. Through our actions, we will demonstrate knowledgeable and consistent decision-making that results in beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders.

EMPOWERMENT – We foster the personal growth of our stakeholders through opportunities for self-discovery, team building, and engagement in experiential leadership and learning.

FUN - We strive to provide an enjoyable and challenging environment for participants and employees, in an attempt to improve personal success and strengthen the connection to UH.

SAFETY – We are dedicated to providing an environment free from physical, mental, and emotional harm. We will utilize risk management training and techniques to prepare all staff members to recognize and correct any potential hazards, as well as respond to accidents and emergencies.

INCLUSION – We demonstrate our commitment to inclusion by providing intentional programming and services for all. We embrace a full spectrum of opportunities that challenge the UH community to grow and think differently.