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As a reminder of this inclusive environment, you will see individuals featured on this web-page, on social media and on posters in the Campus Recreation & Wellness Center who participate in Campus Recreation in their own unique way. Behind these pictures, each individual has their own story of why they are here. The purpose of sharing these with you is to expose you to all that we have to offer and to encourage you to experience it yourself and find your place within Campus Recreation.

Adrian Moreno

I am my only competition...and even I can't stop me.

Sabrina McMullen

Be the best you for you and nobody else.

John Zhao

Running every day is hard, but I know it is what I love to do to feel accomplished in my life.

Marissa Gonzalez

This campaign has been my baby. Throughout managing it, I learned that I enjoy capturing people’s stories.

Joseph Secrest

First you must learn the rules of the game, and then you can play it better than everyone else.

Jonathon Hart

My strive to be successful in life and to be able to help give back to the people that have helped me through my journey.

Tin Pham-Tran and Eunice Caducoy

I'm forever grateful to be able to dance with someone with such great talent.

Tin Pham-Tran

The feeling of being able to dance with my heart out on the dance floor and using my passion to inspire others motivates me to be a better dancer every day.

Eunice Caducoy

The rec is a go-to place for my health needs.

Rudy Rodriquez

Rubyann Rodriguez

It was huge and I wanted to try everything.

Billy Graves

Billy Graves

It may be a while until I get there, but I’ll find a way.

Rae Tolbert

Rae Tolbert

The Rec was our meet-up spot.

Chase Ligon

My major isn’t my career; my career is the marines.

Asha Marchant

Physical therapy requires you to have a strong body capable of moving and supporting patients and the rec helps her prepare for that.

Defe Aleladia

I saw a big improvement in my health ever since I started coming here regularly.

Brooklin Corbins

The rec is my UH identity.

Mohammad Ullah

I want to be an attorney who fights for his clients and an athlete who practices the sport he loves.

Madiha Faisal

If I ever have spurs of doubt, I come to the gym and build up my confidence again.

Christian Beduya

We must all learn to sharpen our tools every once in awhile.

Melanee Wood

The start of my fitness journey was my personal weight loss.

Michael Trinh

Lifting serves as a constant source of humility because sometimes when failing, it gives me a problem to solve.

Alexis Moran

Dancing at the Super Bowl has definitely been the highlight of my life and dance career.

Uyiosa Elegon

I constantly choose my own path.

Kara Bacon

Getting the opportunity to join the gymnastics club sport team in the Campus Recreation has been a huge benediction.

Tim and Susan Wegner

We like exercising- both individually and in a class setting- in a multigenerational context that is so convenient to our neighborhood. Having a personal trainer adds extra challenge that we might not regularly require of ourselves.

Avery D. Gray

Imagine getting the opportunity to travel around the world with your college club sport team.

Samantha N. Branum

First impressions differ after getting to know something better.

Jacob Aguirre

I lost a total of 70 pounds all on my own through pure intrinsic motivation.

Sophia R. Aranda

The hardest thing about working out in the morning is getting out of bed. After that it’s a piece of cake!

Alexander A. Tovar

Your only limit is yourself.

Dante S. Wheeler

I love running the mile.

Tayler Banes

By me waking up and attempting to ‘seize the day’ I am able to make the most of everything the day brings.

Kim Neely

It feels good to make it.

Erika Lord

What I really value is providing a welcoming atmosphere.

Jeremy Chance

Campus Recreation is all about the opportunities.

Melanee Wood, M.S.

The Rec Center was a place for me that I could go and make connections with other students and help people live a healthier life.