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University of Houston - Campus Carry Policy

The exclusion zone request form can be found in UH MAPP 07.01.05 as well as the link above. Completed forms or questions about the form or process should be addressed to or

This policy was developed to comply with Senate Bill No. 11, also known as the “campus carry” law, and follows months of discussion and deliberation. Campus community members, including students, faculty and staff, were invited to share their input prior to the policy development through several open forums, a campus-wide survey, and emailed comments at

SB11 allows individuals licensed to carry concealed handguns to “carry a concealed handgun on or about the license holder’s person while the license holder is on the campus of an institution of higher education” and

  1. Authorizes the president to establish reasonable rules, regulations, or other provisions regarding the carrying of concealed handguns by license holders on campus;
  2. Limits authority such that the president or officer may not establish provisions that generally prohibit or have the effect of generally prohibiting license holders from carrying concealed handguns on the campus of the institution;
  3. Allows for broad input from students, faculty, and staff; and
  4. Requires an implementation deadline of August 1, 2016.

 The policy must also:

  1. Respect the unique nature of our campus which includes classrooms, dormitories, laboratories, athletic facilities, grade school classrooms, day care facilities, medical and psychological clinics, and multiple public auditoriums among many of our 157 buildings;
  2. Recognize the concerns of many, including our Faculty Senate which passed a resolution in opposition on December 21, 2015; and
  3. Recognize the need for appropriate storage so that license holders can safely store their firearms when necessary.

Please provide feedback any to

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