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UH Affiliate


Month Annual
Pre-Pay Recurring Payment
$120 $382 $31.83


  • Employees of 3rd Party Vendors under contract with the University of Houston (bookstore, copy center, bank, food service, and their franchise vendors, etc.) are eligible to purchase a CRWC membership.
  • Affiliates must present a letter from their employer stating their name and current employment status.


  • Eligible to sponsor a membership for one adult, one adult dependent (ages 18-26), and any dependent children. See Sponsored by UH Affiliate for additional information and requirements.

Annual Recurring Membership Cancellation

  • Annual recurring memberships are a one-year contract.
  • membership cancellation form must be submitted by the member by emailing it to
  • Once the annual membership agreement has been completed, patrons will need to renew their membership to continue use.
  • The cancellation of UH Affiliate membership will result in the cancellation of any sponsored memberships.
  • A $100 cancellation fee will apply to members who do not fulfill their 12-month agreement.