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EH27: Working Safely with Anesthetic Gases

Course Description: Instructor-led Training Course. Working Safely with Anesthetic Gases training course emphasizes the importance of working safely with anesthetic gases and potential health effects to personnel working with Anesthetic Gases. The content of this training will also include the University of Houston & NIOSH (National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) recommendations for recommended exposure limits to Anesthetic Gases, Background of Scavenging Systems, Work Practices and Procedures that Reduce Exposure, Charcoal Efficacy, and Occupational Monitoring.  

Who should take it? Personnel that use anesthetic gases while working with animals.  


Estimated course duration: 30 minutes 

Frequency: Once 

Note: This course is provided upon request only. Contact EHS at (713) 743-5858 or for course availability and registration.  Also, there is a companion course on the Animal Care Operations Website “Isoflurane Training” that must be completed.