EH24: Basic Radiation Awareness Training - University of Houston
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EH24: Basic Radiation Awareness Training

Course Description: Online Training. The course covers basic radiation hazards, basic safety procedures, use location information, and radiation warning signs and symbols. This training module will help service personnel performing work in a radiation laboratory and, ancillary laboratory workers recognize and identify the hazards and safeguards to use when working around these hazards.

This course does NOT meet the training requirements for radioactive materials usage or x-ray machine

Who should take it: UH personnel including faculty, staff, students, and visitors not involved with research and academic instructions, but have access to or conduct university operations in radioactive material, x-ray, Class 3B and 4 laser use areas.

Prerequisites: None

Estimated Course Duration: 30 minutes

Frequency: Once

Please Note: Instructor facilitated sessions can be provided upon request only to Laboratory, Facility or Administrative groups. Please contact EHS at (713) 743-5858 for course availability and registration.


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