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EH03B: Safety Awareness for Non-Laboratory Personnel

Course Description: Online Course -This course is intended for University of Houston (UH) non-laboratory personnel who may perform work in laboratories containing biological, chemical and radiation hazards, etc. It covers the basic hazards commonly found in research laboratories and the general work areas. Non-laboratory personnel that perform work in laboratories must be aware of workplace hazards and how to adequately protect themselves.

Who should take it: University of Houston (UH) Department of Public Safety personnel who may respond to emergencies in University Laboratories

Prerequisites: EH04: Hazards Communications Training

EH04: Hazards Communications Training (HAZCOM) must be completed prior to this course.

Estimated Course Duration: 30-45 minutes

Frequency: Within 30 days of Hire

Please Note: This course may be provided upon request. Contact EHS at (713) 743-5858 for course registration and availability

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