EH20: General Laser Safety Awareness Training - University of Houston
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EH20: General Laser Safety Awareness Training

Course Description: Online training -This course covers fundamental properties of lasers, laser classification and hazards, biological effects, safety practices, common accidents and emergency procedures, orientation to University safety policies.

This course does NOT meet the training requirements for Class 3b & 4 Laser use authorization 

Who Should Take It: UH personnel including faculty, staff, students, and visitors who use or access Confocal microscopes, UV machines, and Class 1, 2 and 3R (3A) lasers.

Prerequisites: None

Estimated Course Duration: 15-30 minutes

Frequency: One time only

Note: Instructor-led sessions may be provided upon request to laboratory groups. Contact EHS at (713) 743-5858 for availability and registration


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