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PhD Alumni

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  • Bhullar, Jasmine - Advisor: TBAFirst position:TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • Chen, Menzi - TBA: TBA. First position: TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • Chen, Yongchang - TBA: TBA. First position: TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • Fularczyk, Nickolas - Advisor:TBAFirst position:TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • Hemenway, Gregory - Advisor: Vaughn Climenhaga. First position:TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • Huang, Yewen - Advisor: TBAFirst position:TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • Kim, Jae Youn - Advisor: TBA. First position:TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • May, Jennifer - Advisor: TBA. First position:TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • Panagoloulous, Nikolaos - Advisor: TBA. First position:TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • Subedi, Manoj - Advisor: TBA. First position:TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • Sun, Chunmei - Advisor: TBA. First position:TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • Thacker, Stephen - Advisor: TBA. First position:TBA
    Thesis: TBA



  • Batista, Michael - Advisor: Mikhail Perepelitsa
    Thesis: Mathematical Modeling of Bacterial Motion with Stochastic Reversals
  • Chen, Huayan - Advisor: Alan Haynes. First position: Postdoctoral Associate, Molecular and Human Genetics, BCM
    Thesis: Topics in Diophantine Approximation
  • Das, Akshat - Advisor: Alan Haynes. First position: Visiting Asst. Professor, University of Connecticut
    Thesis: Diophantine Approximation in p-adic Solenoids
  • Ghasemi, Mahmood - Advisor: Robert Azencott. First position: Postdoc, MD Anderson Cancer Research Center
    Thesis: Gene Transcription Modeling at the Cell Population Level



  • Amrutam, Tattwamasi - Advisor: Mehrdad Kalantar. First position: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
    Thesis: TBA
  • Burton, Jonathan - Advisor: TBA. First position: TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • Chen, Xiaoqian - Advisor: Ilya Timofeyev. First position: Crabel Capital Management
    Thesis: Effective Data-Driven Models for Chaotic and Turbulent Dynamics
  • Duvall, Jason - Advisor: TBA. First position: TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • Egarguin, Neil Jerome - Advisor: TBA. First position: TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • He, Yan - Advisor: Min Ru. First position: TBA
    Thesis: Height inequality from different aspects
  • Li, Ang - Advisor:Tsorng-Whay Pan. First position: Lane College
    Thesis: Numerical Methods and Modeling for Simulating the Motion of Self-propelled Swimmer in Incompressible Viscous Fluids
  • Lin, Weiqiang - Advisor: TBA. First position: TBA
    Thesis: TBA
  • Stout, Edward - Advisor: William Ott. First position: TBA
    Thesis: TBA


  • Nguyen, Khanh (Kate) - Advisor:TBA.  First Position: Deutsches Primatenzentrum GmbH 
  • Pahari, Basanta - Advisor: Demetrio Labate. First Position: Florida A&M/ Florida State University
    Thesis: Smooth Projections and Optimally Sparse Representation of Cartoon-like Cylindrical Solids
  • Safaripoorfatide, Mohamadkazem - Advisor: TBA.  First Position: Texas A&M Health Science Center


  • Bicol, Kayla - Advisor: Annalisa Quaini. First Position: MIT
    Thesis: Advances in Algorithms for Atmospheric Sciences
  • Carney, Megan - Advisor: Matthew Nicol.
    Thesis: An Investigation of the Statistical Properties of Certain Chaotic Dynamical Systems Through Extremes and Recurrence: A Theoretical and Applied Approach
  • Cinar, Selahittin - Advisor: Kresimir Josic. 
    Thesis: Inference Methods for Synthetic Gene Regulatory Networks
  • Ding, Junyu - Advisor: Wenjiang Fu.
    Thesis: A Novel Statistical Method to Examine the Cancer Disparities and the Effectiveness of Cancer Intervention
  • Gao, Kuikui - Advisor: Wenjiang Fu.
    Thesis: Statistical Inference in Age Period and Cohort models
  • Gul, Nuray - Advisor: Shanyu Ji.
    Thesis: On Maps from N- Ball into (3n-2)-Ball
  • Haque, Mozahid - Advisor: Mark Tomforde. First position: MetOx Technologies, Inc.
    Thesis: Endomorphisms of Leavitt Path Algebras
  • Hekmati, Rasoul - Advisor: Robert Azencott. First position: Baylor College of Medicine
    Thesis: Machine Learning to Analyze fMRI Brain Activity Recordings
  • Karantzas, Nikolaos - Advisor: Emanuel Papadakis. First position: Baylor College of Medicine
    Thesis: Compactly Supported Frame Wavelets and Applications
  • Kim, Daewa - Advisor: Annalisa Quaini.
    Thesis: A Kinetic Theory Approach to Pedestrian Motion and Onset of Disease Spreading
  • Nguyen, Duong - Advisor: William Ott.
    Thesis: Statistical Properties of High Dimensional Non-Stationary Dynamical Systems
  • Rathinakumar, Krithika - Advisor: Annalisa Quaini. 
    Thesis: A Microscopic Approach to Pedestrian Dynamics and the Onset of Disease Spreading
  • Walden, Richard - Advisor: Min Ru.
    Thesis: Uniqueness Results for a Class of Holomorphic Mappings on a Complex Disc
  • Wang, Zhenhua - Advisor: David Blecher.
    Thesis: Theory of Jordan Operator Algebras and Operator * - Algebras
  • Zhang, Peng - Advisor: Robert Azencott.
    Thesis: Diffeomorphic Shape Matching Based on an Operator Splitting Method


  • Bhandari, Chandi - Advisor: Ronald Hoppe.
    Thesis: Numerical Simulation of 4th Order Total Variation Flow Problem by Using C0-IPDG Method
  • Lopez, Juan - Advisor: Giles Auchmuty. First position: USAA
    Thesis: Well-posedness for Weak Solutions of Axisymmetric Div-Curl Systems
  • Mitsakos, Nikolaos - Advisor: Manos Papadakis. First position: Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
    Thesis: Virtual Multimodal Object Detection and Classification with Deep CNNs
  • Muravina, Viktoria - Advisor: Robert Azencott. First position: Zacks Investment Research
    Thesis: Statistical Analysis of Biomedical Data
  • Radillo, Adrian Ernesto - Advisor: Kresimir Josic. First position: University of Pennsylvania
    Thesis: Optimal Decision Making Models In Changing Environments
  • Saha, Dipanwita - Advisor: Robert Azencott. First position: Cubic Transportation Systems
    Thesis: Parameter Estimation of the Heston Volatility SDE Under the Non-Gaussian Regime
  • Winkle, James - Advisor: Kresimir Josic. First position: Rice University
    Thesis: Mechanical Constraint and Cell Shape Interaction Modeling of Bacterial Growth in Microfluidic Devices


  • Guo, Aixia - Advisor: Tsorng-Whay Pan. Co-Advisor: Jiwen He
    Thesis: Numerical Simulation and Modeling of Particle Motions in 3D Stokes Flow
  • Mills, Charles - Advisor: Min Ru. First Position: Lecturer, UT Austin
    Thesis: An Improved Defect Relation for Holomorphic Curves in Projective Varieties
  • Platt, Eric - Advisor: Daniel Onofrei. First position: Postdoc, University of Houston
    Thesis: Active Manipulation of Acoustic Fields and Applications
  • Sarkisov, Sergey - Advisor: Robert Azencott.
    Thesis: Parameters Estimation for Stochastic Genetic Evolution of Asexual Populations
  • Stolarczyk, Simon - Advisor: Kresimir Josic.
    Thesis: Decision Making in Social Networks
  • West, James - Advisor: Mark Tomforde. First position: Instructional Assistant Professor, University of Houston
    Thesis: Two Problems In Graph Algebras and Dynamical Systems
  • Williams, Cameron - Advisor: Bernhard Bodmann.
    Thesis: From Generalized Fourier Transforms to Coupled Supersymmetry
  • Zhang, Peixin - Advisor: Wenjiang Fu. 
    Thesis: A Comprehensive Method for Integrated (Realized) Volatility Estimation

  • Alsheikh, Dina Naman A - Advisor: Ronald W. Hoppe.
    Thesis: The Hypercircle Method and an Equilibrated a Posteriori Error Estimator for Discontinuous Galerkin Approximations of Elliptic Boundary Value Problems on Simplicial Meshes
  • Huang, Shujiao - Advisor: Wenjiang Fu.
    Thesis: A Smoothing Model and Its Asymptotics with Applications to Health Studies and Social Research
  • Kumar, Rahul - Advisor: Roland Glowinski.
    Thesis: On the Control of Systems Modelled by Partial Differential Equations
  • Schoneman, Justin - Advisor: Robert Azencott.
    Thesis: Stochastic Models for Genetic Evolution of Bacterial Populations
  • Weber, Thomas - Advisor: William Ott.
    Thesis: Optimization of Plane Wave Directions in Plane Wave Discontinuous Galerkin Methods For the Helmholtz Equation


  • Hass, John - Advisor: Bernhard Bodmann. First position: Post-doc at University of Missouri.
  • Liu, Zhuo - Advisor: Yuri Kuznetsov. First position: Quant/Modeling Analyst at KeyBank, Cleveland.
    Thesis: Mixed Finite Element Methods with Piece-Wise Constant Fluxes.
  • Maxwell, Nicholas - Advisor: Bernhard Bodmann. First position: Airtech Electronics in Raleigh, NC.
  • Ortiz, Carlos  - Advisor: Vern I. Paulsen. First position: Post-doc, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).
  • Preston, Benjamin - Advisor: Edward Kao. First position: USAA
  • Zhang, Licheng - Advisor: Matthew Nicol. First position: CGGVeritas, Houston.
    Thesis: Some statistical properties of chaotic dynamical systems: non-stationary central limit theorems and extreme value theory.








  • Branton, Sheena - Advisor: Matthew Nicol. First position: Lecturer, University of Houston.
  • Dulock, Matthew - Advisor: Min Ru. First position: Post-doc, Fields Institute.
  • Filipski, Natasha -Advisor: Martin Golubitsky.
  • Kashyap, Upasana - Advisor: David Blecher. position: Assistant professor at The Citadel-The Military College of South Carolina.
  • Linsenmann, Christopher - Advisor: Ronald W. Hoppe. First position: Post-doc, Institute of Mathematics, University of Augsburg, Germany.
    Thesis: Adaptive Multilevel-Based Shape Optimization for Stationary Stokes Flow by Path-Following Primal-Dual Interior Point Methods
  • Kouam, Cedric - Advisor: Edward Kao. First position: Horizon Wind Energy, Houston.
    Thesis: Pricing Spread Options Under Stochastic Volatility. 
  • Larson, Craig - Advisors: Klaus Kaiser & Ermelinda Delavina. Current position: Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University.
    Thesis: Graph Theoretic Independence and Critical Independent Sets
  • Pons, Victoria - Advisor: Alexandre Caboussat and Roland Glowinski.
  • Raghupathi, Mrinal - Advisor: Vern I. Paulsen. First position: Assistant Professor (NTT), Vanderbilt University.
    Thesis: Constrained Nevanlinna-Pick Interpolation
  • Wang, Tong - Advisor: Tsorng-Whay Pan and Roland Glowinski, First position: Post-doc, Texas A&M University.
  • Xie, Weiwei - Advisor: Edward Kao. First position: Visiting Professor, University of Houston.


  • Barbara Gucciardi - Advisor: Martin Golubitsky. First position: Instructor, St. Thomas University
  • Gvozdev, V - Adviosr: Yuri Kutnezsov. First position: Microsoft
  • Ha Nguyen - Advisor: Andrew Török.
  • Hao, Jian - Advisor: Tsorng-Whay Pan and Roland Glowinski. First position: Post-doc, University of Houston.
  • Liu, Y - Advisor: Min Ru. First position: dGB-USA Earth Science.
  • Patel, Swabhimita - Advisor: Jeff Morgan. First position: Saracen Energy.


  • Abdulbaki, Soha - Advisor: Vern I. Paulsen . First position: Instructor, St. Thomas University.
  • Hay, Damon - Advisor: David Blecher. First position: University of North Florida.
  • Kalra, Deepti - Advisor: Vern I. Paulsen. First position: Wachovia bank.
  • Flagg, Mary - Advisor: Jutta Hausen. First position: Lecturer, University of Houston.
  • Foss, Frederick - Advisor: Roland Glowinski. First position: Terralliance Technologies, Inc.
  • Pacull, François - Advisor: Marc Garbey. First position: CFD Developer, FLUOREM.
    Thesis: A Numerical Study of The Immersed Boundary Method and Application To Blood Flow.
  • Svyatskiy, Daniil - Advisor: Yuri Kutnezsov. First position: Post-doc, Los Alamos Natiomal Lab.
  • Wang, Yunjiao, - Advisor: Martin Golubitsky. First position: Post-doc, U. Manchester, UK.
  • Xu, Dekang - Advisor: Shanyu Ji. First position: CGGVeritas, Houston.
    Thesis: Proper Holomorphic Mappings Between Balls.


  • Almeida Leite, Maria Da - Advisor: Martin Golubitsky. First position: Post-doctoral Researcher, Purdue University.
  • Lapin, Serguei - Advisor: Roland Glowinski. First position: Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Houston.
  • Muhm, Philip - Advisor: Klaus Kaiser. IT development manager, Boeing Company
  • Myers, Richard - Advisor: Jiwen He. First position: St. Thomas University
  • Nanda, Arati - Advisor: Roland Glowinski. First position: Instructor, University of Houston.


  • Ryan Pepper - Advisor: Siemion Fajtlowicz. First position: Post-doctoral research, Texas A & M University at Galveston.
  • Philip Jacobs - Advisor: Mike Field. First position: San Antonio College.
  • Oleg Boiarkine - Advisor: Yuri Kuznetsov. First position: Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Houston.
  • Andrey Martynenko - Advisor: Yuri Kuznetsov and William Fitzgibbon. The first position: Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Houston.


  • Ahmed-Zaid, Ben - Advisor: Roland Glowinski. First position: Lecturer, University of Houston.
  • Bokil, Vrushali - Advisor: Roland Glowinski. First position: Post-doctoral Researcher, North Carolina State University. 
    Thesis: Computational Methods for Wave Propagation Problems on Unbounded Domains. 
  • Dyadechko, Vadim - Advisor: Yuri Kuznetsov. First position: Post-doctoral research, LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory). 
    Thesis: Geometrically Adapted Meshes and Iterative Solvers for Elliptic Problems. 
  • Holmes, Roderick - Advisor: Vern I. Paulsen. First position: Visiting Professor, Texas Southern University.
  • Kaneda, Masayoshi - Advisor: Vern I. Paulsen. First position: Post-doctoral research, University of California-Irvine. 
    Thesis: Multipliers and Algebrizations of Operator Spaces. 
  • Yi, Eunjeong  - Advisors: Min Ru and Shanyu Ji. First position: Texas A & M University at Galveston. 
    Thesis: Nevanlinanna Theory and Iteration of Rational Maps. 


  • Alford, John G. - Advisor: Giles Auchmuty. First position: Tulane University.
    Thesis: Computation of Bifurcating Rotating Waves for the Fitz-Hugh Nagumo Equations on Circular Domains of One and Two Dimensions. 
  • Foster, Sylvia Martina - Advisor: Johnny Johnson. First position: Visiting Professor, University of Houston. 
    Thesis: The Asymptotic and Integral Closures of Elements in a Multiplicative Lattice. 
  • Ladipo, Kehinde Omobola -  Advisor: Roland Glowinski. 
    Thesis: A Wave Equation Approach to Numerical Simulations of Natural Convention in Rectangular Enclosures.
  • Lipnikov, Konstantin - Advisor: Yuri Kuznetsov. The first job: Post-doctoral research, LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory). 
    Thesis: Numerical Methods for the Biot Model in Poroelsaticty. 


  • Berry, Robert  - Advisor: William Fitzgibbon. 
    Thesis: Spatio-temporially Dependent Models for the Spread of Infectious Disease. 
  • Datta, Sanjay - Advisor: Roland Glowinski. 
    Thesis: Some Results On the Effect of the Trapezoidal Rule in Finite Element Computation. 
  • Solazzo, James - Advisor: Vern Pauslen. First position: Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Georgia. 
    Thesis: Interpolartion and Computability. 
  • Tecarro, Edwin - Advisor: Giles Auchmuty. First position: Associate Professor, the University of Houston (Downtown). 
    Thesis: Qualitative Analysis of a Model of the Mammalian Cell Cycle's G1 Phase. 


  • Qawasmi, Ahmad - Advisor: Giles Auchmuty. Last known position: UAE University, Dubai. 
    Thesis: Regularity for the Hodge-Weyl Decomposition. 


  • Buono, Pietro-Luciano - Advisor: Martin Golubitsky. First position: University of Montreal. 
    Thesis: A Model of Central Pattern Generators for Quadruped Locomotion. 
  • Walker, Julie Satitpunwaycha - Advisor: Dennison Brown. 
    Thesis: Thread Generated Idemponent Topological Semigroups on N-cells. 
  • Wu, Suming - Advisor: Ridgway Scott. 
    Thesis: Steady-state Simulation and Fuel Cost Minimization of Gas Pipeline Networks.


  • Abraham, Ross Peder  - Advisor: Jutta Hausen. 
    Thesis: Automorphism Groups of Abelian P-groups.
  • Khoury, Rajia Nicolas - Advisor: Vern I. Paulsen. First position: University of Houston-Downtown
    Thesis:Closest Matrices In the Space of Doubly Stochastic Matrices. 
  • De La Vina, Ermelinda  - Advisor: Siemion Fajtlowicz. First position: University of Houston-Downtown. 
    Thesis: Ramseyan Properties and Conjectures of Graffiti.
  • Zhang , Zhuangzhi - Advisor: Barbara Keyfitz. First position: LicEnergy, Houston.
    Thesis: The Existence and Decay of Solutions of A Class of Non-strictly Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws
  • Zhai , Canfang - Advisor: Giles Auchmuty. First position: Elliptus Technologies Inc., Richmond, Virginia.
    Thesis: Computation of Rotating Wave Solutions of Reaction Diffusion Systems.


  • BenningfieldKirk  - Advisor: Dennison Brown. Thesis: Uniquely Divisible Topological Semigroups. 
  • FergusonSarah H.  - Advisor: Vern Paulsen. First position: Wayne State University. 
    Thesis: Ext, Analytic Kernels And Operator Ranges. 
  • GrillisDavid B. -  Advisor: Martin Golubitsky. First position: Naval Research Labs. 
    Thesis: Coupled Cell Systems And Symmetry. 
  • Juarez-ValenciaLorenzo H. - Advisor: Ridgway Scott. First position: Departamento de Matematicas, UAM-I, Mexico D.F. 
    Thesis: Numerical Simulation Of Time-Dependent Viscous Flows In Complex Geometries. 
  • RuanGuohua  - Advisor: Roland Glowinski. First position: Maurer Engineering, Inc. 
    Thesis: Numerical Solutions Of A Type Of Slightly Compressible Flow. 
  • Sanchez-BernabeFrancisco  - Advisor: Roland Glowinski. First position: Departamento de Matematicas, UAM-I, Mexico D.F. 
    Thesis: On Some Splitting Methods For The Numerical Solution Of The Navier Stokes Equation. 
  • ZafirisVasilis G.  - Advisor: Roland Glowinski. First position: University of Houston-Downtown.&#160
    ;Thesis: Constructs On Manifolds Applied To Grid Generation. 


  • Carthel, Crag A. - Advisor: Roland Glowinski.
    Thesis: Numerical Methods For Some Exact And Approximate Controllability Problems For The Heat Equation.
  • Hou, Chuan-Ze - Advisor: Martin Golubitsky.
    Thesis: Symmetry Breaking And Heteroclinic Cycles.
  • Singer, Jurgen K. - Advisor: Roland Glowinski. First position: Post-doc at UT-Austin.
    Thesis: The Parallel Fast Multipole Method In Molecular Dynamics.
  • Xie, Dexuan - Advisor: Ridgway Scott. Last known position: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
    Thesis: New Parallel Iteration Methods, New Nonlinear Multigrid Analysis, And Application In Computational Chemistry.
  • Zhang, Chun - Advisor: Vern I. Paulsen.
    Thesis: Representation And Geometry Of Operator Spaces.


  • Burghduff, John Brian 覱 Advisor: Richard Sinkhorn.
    Thesis: Permanents of doubly stochastic matrices with zero main diagonal
  • Luo, Yongping 覱 Advisor: Andrew Lelek.
    Thesis: Suslinian And Weakly Suslinian Continua
  • Wang, Zhongde 覱 Advisor: Richard Sanders.
    Thesis: High Order TVD Schemes For The Approximation Of Hyperbolic Systems Of Conservation Laws.


  • RoesmerChristopher Josef  - Advisor: Klaus Kaiser. 
    Thesis: An Application Of Nonstandard Analysis To Dempster-Shafer Theory. 


  • Chu, Che-Chen - Advisor: V. Paulsen. First position: Nat'l Taiwan Police Academy.
    Thesis: Finite Dimensional Representations Of Function Algebra.
  • Jia, Wenyao 覱 Advisor: Giles Auchmuty.
    Thesis: Iterative Methods For The Hartree And Hartree-Fock Eighnproblems.
  • Nasser, Mahmoud G. 覱 Advisor: Roland Glowinski.
    Thesis: Numerical Methods For Multibody Elastic Systems And Contact Problems.
  • Vinod, Vaidyanath - Advisor: Barbara Keyfitz. First position: Instructor, University of New Orlean.
    Thesis: Structural Stability Of Riemann Solutions For A Multiphase Jinematic Conservation Law Model That Changes Type.


  • Cardan, David - Advisor: Richard Sinkhorn.
    Thesis: Concerning Hypernormal Approximation Of Doubly Stochastic Matrices.
  • Tiballi, Terry Richard 覱 Advisor: Vern I. Paulsen.
    Thesis: Symmetric Orthogonalization Of Vectors In Hilbert Space. First position: SUNY College at Oswego.


  • Chen , Shui-Tian - Advisor: Siemion Fajtlowicz.
    Thesis: On Selected Conjectures Of Graffiti.
  • Dionne, Benoit - Advisor: Martin Golubitsky. First position: University of Montreal.
    Thesis: Spatially Peridic Patterns In Two And Three Dimensions. 


  • Cook, Michael William - Advisor: W.T. Ingram. 
    Thesis: Periodic Points For Mappings Of The Circle And Other Locally Connected Continua. 
  • Waller, William Alfred, - Advisor: Siemion Fajtlowicz. First position: University of Houston-Downtown. 
    Thesis: Average Distance In Graphs With Prescribed Order And Independence Number. 


  • Krupa, Martin - Advisor: Martin Golubitsky. First position: New Mexico State University. 
    Thesis: Bifurcations of Critical Group Orbits. 
  • LanShaw-Ping  - Advisors: Henry Decell/Sinkhorn.&#160
    ;Thesis:The Semigroup Of Real Stochastic Matrices And Generalized Inversion. 
  • de Loura, Luís Camilo do Canto - Advisor: Roland Glowinski. 
    Thesis: Numerical Iterative Methods For The Hertree Equation Of Helium-Like System. 
  • Nicolas-CarrizosaAlfredo - Advisor: Roland Glowinski. 
    Thesis: Numerical Aspects Of Some Time Dependent Partial Diffrential Equations Problems.
  • TaylorMonty B. - Advisor: Johnny Johnson. 
    Thesis: Filtration Transforms Of Integral, Commutative CL-Monoids Lattice Modules.
  • WaggonerShelia Seng - Advisor: William Fitzgibbn. 
    Thesis: Global Existences For Solutions Of Semilinear And Quasilinear Parabolic Systems Of Partial Differential Equations. 


  • Torres, Raul Ernesto Gonzalez - Advisor: Dennison Brown. 
    Thesis: A Geometric Study of Certain Stochastic Semigroups.
  • Wray, David Otway - Advisor: Klaus Kaiser. 
    Thesis: First Order Quotational Logic. 


  • Benton, Chrsitopher Paul - Advisor: Jutta Hausen. 
    Thesis: K-projectivity in Nonabelian Groups. 
  • GonglewskiJohn Damien - Advisor: Homer Walker. 
    Thesis: On Quasi-Newton Methods for Maximum Likelihood Estimates With Applications to the mixture density problem.
  • Morgan, Jeff - Advisor: Giles Auchmuty. Current position: Associate Provost for Education Innovation and Technology, University of Houston.
    Thesis: Global existence, Boundedness, and Decay for Solution of Semilinear Parabolic System of Partial Differential equation.
  • West, Thelma R. - Advisor: Andrew Lelek. 
    Thesis: The Span Structure of some Groups and Continua. 


  • Bruni, Anthony J. - Advisor: Henry Decell. 
    Thesis: Nonnegative, Nontrivial, Fixed Points of Orthogonal Projections. 
  • Muoneke, N'Ekwunife - Advisor: Richard Sinkhorn. 
    Thesis:On the Stochastic and Doubly Stochastic Powers of Nonnegative Square Reducible Matrices.
  • Zeng, Xianwu - Advisor: Giles Auchmuty. First position: Wuhan University, PR China. 
    Thesis: A Qualitative Investigation of Coupled Systems of Nonlinear Cscillators. 


  • Sparra, James L. - Advisor: Homer Walker. 
    Thesis: Stochastic approximation of fixed points. 


  • Nll, Van Clyne - Advisor: W.T. Ingram. 
    Thesis: Weak Confluence and W-sets 
  • Phuong, Vu Anh, - Advisor: Homer F. Walker. 
    Thesis: Inaccuracy in Least Change Secant Update Methods
  • Roberson, Pamela D. - Advisor: W.T. Ingram. 
    Thesis: An Uncountable Collection of Case-Chamberlin Type Continua with No Model. 
  • Suen, Ching-yun - Advisor: Vern I. Paulsen. First position: University of Texas A&M-Galveston. 
    Thesis: The Representation Theory of Completely Bounded Maps on C^*-algebra. 


  • Becerra, Linda - Advisor: Johnny Johnson. First position: University of Houston - Downtown. 
    Thesis: Multiplicative Lattices and the Integral Closure Operation. 
  • Jones, Kathryn  - Advisor: Siemion Fajtlowicz. 
    Thesis: Independence in Graphs with Maximum Degree Four.
  • Nguyen, Tung M.  - Advisor: Henry Decell. 
    Thesis: Applications of Generalized Inverse to Circulant Matrices, Intersection Projections, and Linear Programming.


  • Collins, Dwayne - Advisor: W. Ingram. 
    Thesis: Monotone Upper Semi-continuous Decompositions of IUC Continua
  • Davis, James Francis  - Advisor: W. Ingram. 
    Thesis: Zero Span Continua 
  • Janeway, Billy Don - Advisor: Matthew O'Malley. 
    Thesis: Zero Divisors in Commutative Semigroup Rings. 
  • Marsh, Dorothy - Advisor: W. Ingram. 
    Thesis: Concerning the Cone Hyperspace Property.
  • Marsh, Marcus - Advisor: H. Cook.
    Thesis: Fixed Point Theorems for Certain Tree-like Continua.


  • Baica, Malvina F. -
    Thesis: A New Algorithm Over the Complex Number Field (AFC) and Its Applications to Units and Combinational Identities. 
  • Moebes, Travis A. - Advisor: Ingram. 
    Thesis: An Atriodic Tree-like Continuum That is Not Weakly Chainable. 
  • Morton, George R.  - Advisor: D.G. Bourgin. 
    Thesis: Homotopy-invariant Group Constructions and Preimages of Essential Maps. 
  • Nehs, Robert M.  - Advisor: D. Bourgin. First position: Texas Southern University. 
    Thesis: Generalized Reduced Omology and Duality. 
  • Rankin, John S.  - Advisor: Johnny Johnson. 
    Thesis: Transforms and Completions of Multiplicative Lattices. 


  • Basa, Rekha - Advisor: Henry Decell.
    Thesis: Effect of Model Specification in Pattern Classification.
  • Kaufman, William Fugene - Advisor: John Nerney.
    Thesis: Semiclosed Operators in Hilbert Space. 
  • Malek-Shahmiraadi Massoud - Advisor: Henry Decell. 
    Thesis: Application of Neumann's Lemma to the Minimum and Characteristic Polynomials. 
  • Oshima , Kunio - Advisor: Henry Decell.
    Thesis: Inclusion Theorem by Means of Iteration Procedure. 
  • Perez , Dorothy C. - Advisor: Johnny Johnson.
    Thesis: Closure Operations on Multiplicative Lattices.