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Our Research Propels Improvements in Patient Care and Health

Building on the University of Houston’s legacy of excellence as a Tier One research institution, Tilman J. Fertitta Family College of Medicine is conducting interdisciplinary research to find innovative solutions to some of the most pressing issues in health and health care.

Our researchers have uncovered novel solutions and discoveries in medical science and patient care. Together, we conduct clinical and translational research, with an emphasis on population health, behavioral health, community engagement and the social determinants of health.

Departmental Research


Behavioral Health and Social Sciences Research

The Department of Behavioral Health and Social Sciences' research is focused on anthropology, communication, ethics, health behavior, narrative, psychiatry, psychology, sociology and medical education. To improve health outcomes, faculty researchers are actively studying integrated and collaborative behavioral health care; student, staff and faculty well-being; compassionate, relationship-centered care; reflection and mindfulness; and a biopsychosocial model of health, which considers the complex interactions between biological, psychological and social factors in understanding health, illness and health care delivery.

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Biomedical Sciences Research

The Department of Biomedical Sciences' research is focused on anatomical sciences, immune and infectious diseases, organ-specific diseases, neurological pathologies and medical education. Faculty from various disciplines develop and research novel solutions to chronic health conditions and complex, global health issues, such as COVID-19. Research underway includes the development of small, implantable stimulators to help reduce hypertension and alleviate urinary incontinence, methodologies to decrease cardiovascular complications from COVID-19 and understanding the neurological consequences of COVID-19, among others.

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Health Systems and Population Health Sciences Research

The Department of Health Systems and Population Health Sciences' research is focused on health-system and health-delivery innovation, data intelligence and community engagement at both individual and population levels. Department researchers study and test creative solutions to improve health such as integrating artificial intelligence into care, bridging medicine with public health and addressing social determinants of health to reduce health care costs and improve patient outcomes.

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The Humana Integrated Health System Sciences Institute at the University of Houston produces high-impact research that changes policy, facilitates innovative educational programs for future health care clinicians and creates novel programs that support community transformation. The Humana Institute is a strategic partnership between UH and Humana.



The primary mission of the Tilman J. Fertitta Family College of Medicine Office of Research is to provide administrative support for research operations and activities. The Fertitta Family College of Medicine identifies research opportunities and partnerships, facilitates the submission of sponsored project proposals, provides advice, guidance and updates regarding rules and regulations and assists faculty, staff and students in effective stewardship of research-related endeavors. 

Research Stories

Stories of how Fertitta Family College of Medicine researchers are working to improve patient health and the health care industry.