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  1. TMDSAS will notify all active applicants that UH College of Medicine can now accept applications and provide instructions on how to add UH College of Medicine to your school list. If you have already been accepted at another school, you are still eligible to apply.
  2. Qualified applicants will receive an email invitation to submit a secondary application. The email will contain a link to the submission portal along with the instructions. There is no fee for the secondary application for EY2020 cycle.
  3. Because there are more qualified applicants than available seats, our admissions team will carefully review each application for indicators that you align with the mission and goals of UH College of Medicine. Once applications have been reviewed, selected applicants will receive an email invitation to interview.
  4. Interviews will be held in March and April 2020. All offers will be made according to the TMDSAS timeline.

Apply at TMDSAS

  • Year 1 – 2020 – 30
  • Year 2 – 2021 – 30
  • Year 3 – 2022 – 60
  • Year 4 – 2023 – 60
  • Year 5 – 2024 – 120

No; however, Texas law prescribes that no more than 10 percent of the class can be classified as nonresident. All residency classifications for applicants are assigned by TMDSAS based on the rules governing Texas residency for higher education..

Review the TMDSAS Residency Guidelines

The GPA and MCAT scores are components of the complete application. Our admissions committee considers the complete academic history within the holistic assessment of the applicant.

Yes, but we strongly encourage taking the MCAT by May of your application year so that your application is completed and in the applicant pool for the start of the interview season.

Learn about TMDSAS admissions tests

Yes, you can submit your application for consideration if you have prerequisite courses in progress or are planning to take the required course(s). However, you will need to demonstrate that you completed all required courses by July 15 of the entering year.

Admissions team will evaluate delay or deferral requests on a case by case basis.

2020-2021 Cost of Attendance

7/27/2020 - 6/11/2021


TX Resident


Tuition & Fees



Additional Expenses

Loan Fees



Books / Supplies



Room and Board*









Total Cost of Attendance



*These line item costs are estimates and subject to change (11/2019)
Changes to line items will change the Overall COA.
For more information contact Office of Admissions Information at