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Academic & Conduct Policies

Policy Name
Academic Program Continuity/Contingency Planning Procedure
Academic Standing Policy
Admissions Policy
Advanced Standing and Transfer Policy
Attendance and Absence Policy
Blood Borne Pathogen Infection Policy for Medical Students
Challenging Student Grades Policy
Clinical Assignment Policy
Clinical Duty Hours
Clinical Supervision Policy
Code of Professional Conduct & Academic Honesty
Conflict of Interests in Education Policy
Criminal Background Check Policy
Curricular Guidelines: Pre-Clerkship
Drug Screening Policy
Grading Criteria in Pre-clerkship Courses
Grading Policies (Student Performance and Advancement Committee)
Leaves of Absence
Medical Education Program Evaluation Plan and Continuous Quality Improvement
Missed Examination Policy
Narrative Assessment
Policy Regarding Student Mistreatment and the Learning Environment
Pre-Clerkship Scheduled Time
Residents/Fellows Participating in Medical Student Teaching and Evaluation
Student Dress Code
Student Educational Records and Access to Records Policy
Student Electives
Summative Examination/Assessment Procedures
Technical Standards: Essential Abilities and Characteristics Required for Completion of the MD Degree
Timely Grade Reporting and Mid-Course/Clerkship Formal Formative Feedback
Tuition Refund Policy