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Welcome to the UH College of Medicine Student Resources page. Here, you will find the latest announcements and information on academic support, learning communities, the student handbook and other useful resources to help you on your journey. The information on this page is provided by the Student Affairs, Admissions and Outreach Team.


  • White Coat Ceremony – August 8, 2020, 10 a.m.

    UH College of Medicine cordially invites the class of 2024’s family and friends to the virtual White Coat Ceremony. The ceremony is a key milestone marking student’s transition into medicine, as they receive their first white coat. Due to COVID-19, family and friends can view the event live.


Student looking at staff or faculty member

Student Affairs

At UH College of Medicine, you’re not alone. The UH College of Medicine Office of Student Affairs' goal is to ensure students feel supported and valued at every stage of their medical education. We promote and provide supportive resources to ensure students' health and well-being.


The Student Affairs, Admissions and Outreach Team are experienced medical education professionals, dedicated to students’ success.

  • Kathryn V. Horn, M.D.

    Associate Dean Student Affairs, Admissions and Outreach

  • Denise Delgado

    Executive Administration Assistant

  • Kenya Steele, M.D.

    Assistant Dean for Diversity & Outreach
    Director Physicians, Patients & Population

  • Ashley Schwartz

    Program Coordinator 2 for Diversity & Outreach

  • Kendra Jackson, Ph.D.

    Director of Academic Support

  • Alex Garcia, M.A.

    Director of Student Affairs

  • Trina Barker, M.Ed.

    Academic Advisor 2

  • Catherine Dayton, Ph.D.

    Director of Admissions

  • Kedar Johnson, M.S.H.I.

    Academic Advisor 2

  • Justin Zieman

    Asst Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid