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The College of Medicine joins the University as its 15th academic college, scheduled to admit thirty students in the inaugural class. These doctors will champion primary care and fulfill the most pressing health care needs. The college’s partnership with the HCA Houston Healthcare will provide residencies in Texas so our graduates can continue to work in the state’s urban and rural communities where lack of health care takes a heavy toll.

Click here to watch the College of Medicine's Bill Signing Ceremony.

Countdown to Accreditation

University of Houston proposed College of Medicine is seeking accreditation with the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). The proposed UH College of Medicine cannot solicit nor accept applications for students prior to LCME accreditation. Visit the LCME website for more information.

Anticipated Timeline

Funding Sources for Launch

  • Private Support: $40M

    Raised: $36.7M; Remaining: $3.3M

  • State Support: $40M

    Raised: $20M; Remaining: $20M

  • Intellectual Property Revenue: $40M

    Raised: $7M; Remaining: $33M

  • Institutional Funds: $80M

    Raised: $80M; Remaining: $0M

  • Private/Public Partnership (HCA): $250M

    Raised: $250M; Remaining: $0M

Total: $450M

Dr. Stephen J. Spann

Message from founding Dean Spann

Welcome! The College of Medicine grew out of the University of Houston’s desire to play a greater role in improving the overall health and health care resources of this city and this state. We intend to accomplish this bold undertaking by establishing a medical school that will produce a diverse group of graduates with a deep understanding of the social determinants of health and a commitment to providing compassionate, high value care to underserved populations.

We are doing this because we can. And because we should.

UH has long had strong programs in the biomedical sciences, Tier One research in the health-related fields and a proud tradition of clinical outreach to the community. We are drawing on those recognized strengths to take the next big step and develop a medical school that will help meet a clearly identified need for more and better primary care physicians in our state. Today, Texas has 71 per 100,000 people – which ranks us an alarming 47th out of 50 states. Our distinctive focus on preparing primary care doctors with a better understanding of community health disparities will differentiate us from all other medical schools in Texas and from most institutions across the United States.

We are moving ahead with our ambitious plans cautiously but confidently. The UH System Board of Regents has endorsed our offering a doctoral degree in medicine, and we will soon be requesting similar approval from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. We have initiated the development of our application for accreditation by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). We have designated premium space in the University’s state of the art Health 2 Building to accommodate our operations for the first few years before moving into our permanent home.

On this website, you will find a number of documents that offer important information about our mission, the advisory committees that are helping guide our efforts, and a detailed rationale for establishing the University of Houston Medical School. But what you won’t find neatly published on these web pages is the passion that has propelled this worthy enterprise. Many people have offered unflagging support to bring this dream of starting a medical school ever closer to completion. For that, our appreciation is immeasurable.

We plan to enroll our first class after the LCME provides accreditation. What a great day that will be for UH, for Houston and for Texas.


Stephen J. Spann, M.D., M.B.A.
Vice President for Medical Affairs and Founding Dean of the College of Medicine



College of Medicine
Total Income Added to Greater Houston

Following LCME approval, the medical school will begin producing doctors who will address Texas’ shortage of primary care physicians and lack of coverage in underserved communities. During its first decade of operation, it’s predicted to generate a $4.13 return for every $1 spent on it.

View UH College of Medicine Economic Impact Analysis

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Health Matters is a radio series brought to you by the University of Houston College of Medicine empowering listeners to lead healthy lives. Host and founding dean Dr. Stephen Spann, along with doctors from the medical school, provide practical health care information to the community.