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Spiritual Wellness

A spirit well individual has identified a core set of beliefs, which guides their decision making and other faith based endeavors.

Spiritual health helps a person achieve a sense of inner peace, satisfaction, and purpose. It comes from within and can help give a sense that all is right with the world.

Tips to help Cougars with Spiritual Wellness

  1. Practice meditation and prayer
    You can participate in quiet meditation, Morning Prayer at the A.D. Bruce Religion Center.

  2. Join religious affiliation of your choice
    Get involved in different campus ministries of your choice at the A.D. Bruce Religion Center. You can also visit the Center for Diversity and Inclusion for more religious affiliation events.

  3. Explore and enjoy wilderness and outdoor activities
    Go outside and explore during the week or better yet during the weekend, areas around your school, neighborhood, and/or city that you usually wouldn't.

    You can participate in organized group activities through the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center- Outdoor Adventure Program to explore the outdoors and wilderness throughout the United States. Some of the expeditions include hiking, camping, and stargazing overnight trips, bike riding, canoeing, and white water rafting. They also provide an opportunity to learn and participate in stand up paddle boarding (SUP) & Surfing day trips. Visit outdoor adventures for more activities to get involved.

  4. Exercise
    At the Campus Recreation and Wellness center you can exercise with free weights, run on the track, swim laps, utilize cardio machines and at certain times of the year relax by the outdoor leisure pool. They also provide group fitness classes that include yoga and meditation to help the body and mind. Visit the Department of Campus Recreation for more times and fitness classes of your choice.

  5. Be free, Be lively,  Be you
    Be free - be capable of choosing your own life
    Be lively - be full of life and energy and explore new things
    Be you - understand who you are and what principles guide your life and decisions.
    Get Involved in different activities around campus and school affiliated organizations.