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Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is being aware and accepting of not only your own feelings and emotions but also the feelings and emotions of others.

Tips to help Cougars with Emotional Wellness

  1. Know how to identify and express and mange a range of feelings
    Knowing how to express your emotions appropriately is healthy and rewarding for your relationships. Keeping expectations realistic is important because you can't expect others to respond in the way you want them to. Knowing how to identify your feelings are important. If you need help with managing your feelings and emotions go to the office of Counseling and Psychological Services. Visit the office or online to make appointment to talk to a counselor.

  2. Laugh and cry when you need to
    Laughing helps you and others feel better. Crying is important because keeping your emotions “bottled up” can sometimes turn into deeper negative emotions that can affect your immune system and lead to chronic stress. If you feel like you need to let out some of your emotions you can always visit Counseling and Psychological Services at UH to talk about anything.

  3. Establish good relationships with friends
    Find friends that share goals and interests similar to your own. Maintain good friendships by checking in on your friends through calls, text message, social media, emails or even snail mail by writing a letter. There are healthy relationship workshops at the office of Counseling and Psychological Services you can visit their office or go on their website to see dates and times for these events.

  4. Learn how to balance work, family, and friends
    You can participate in all of the things you love if you designate time for it. Make plans ahead of time to help with time management.  Everyone has different ways of planning so it is important that you find what is best for you. Some people have planners/calendars as a reminder of what they have going on. If you need help with time management visit the Undergrad Student Success Center for different workshops on time management or go to their website for more information about the date and times of the workshops.

  5. Practice fitness and exercise
    Go to the recreation center to get your daily exercise .There are a variety of options you can choose from exercise with a group fitness class, play basketball, or even work out by yourself in the weight room. Visit the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center for all of the fitness options and schedules.

  6. Get adequate sleep
    Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep. If you find that you are having sleep problems you should contact your doctor or you can see a physician on campus at the health center. Visit the UH Health Center to make appoints if needed. You can also visit the Sleep Anxiety Center of Houston on campus.

  7. Know where to seek support and help regarding mental health
    Emotional support is avaliable on-campus! Visit the Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) website to learn more. If you are experiencing a crisis situation and need to speak with someone immediately, please contact CAPS at 713.743.5454 or walk into CAPS. If it is after business hours and you are in imminent crisis, please call 911 or CAPS at 713.743.5454 and you will be connected to the after-hours counselor.