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Social Wellness

Social health is an individual’s ability to relate to and interact with others. A socially well individual builds healthy relationships with others.

Tips to help Cougars with Social Wellness

  1. Get involved in the UH community
    You can Get Involved in different school affiliated organization and participate in community service events with others. Volunteer opportunities with Metropolitan Volunteer Program connecting students on campus and the community.

  2. Participate in group fitness classes
    You can join in with other students at the Campus Recreation Center for group fitness classes; you can also join club sports and intramural sports at the university. Visit their website for all information about fitness classes, club sports, and intramural sports.

  3. Participate in social events or gatherings

    • Festivals
      Frontier Fiesta is one of UH's oldest and proudest traditions. The festivities include a cook off and bake fiesta, carnival booths, talent competitions, and also volunteer opportunities.

    • Rodeos
      You can participate at UH Day at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

    • Athletic Events
      All students have FREE admission to all athletic events, so take advantage and show your Cougar Pride.

    • UH Theatre and Dance Performances
      There are many performances you can attend throughout the year, so visit their website and check out performance times and dates.

    • Join in on study group
      Find classmates to study as a group to make learning more enjoyable and productive.

  4. Establish and maintain personal friendships
    Find friends that share common goals and interests similar to your own. You can maintain friendships by calling to check in on your friends to see how they're doing, showing appreciation, but mostly making time to be a friend. You can also join organizations such as a fraternity or sorority at UH to gain lifelong friends from UH. You can visit the Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life for more information.