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UH Wellness is avaliable to present to the campus community (faculty, staff, and students) - be it a student organization meeting, class lecture, or a faculty/staff meeting.  Each traditional presentation/workshop is approximately 45 minutes to one hour, but we can be flexible around what is being requested. Please allow a minimum of two weeks advance notice for requests. You must have a minimum of at least 10 people in attendance.

If you see a topic that interests you, or you have a topic of specific interest to you, contact us to make a request. Simply complete your request by clicking the "Request a Presentation" button below. Please identify your group, the number to whom we would be speaking, the topic, and the date, time of day, and where the presentation would be.

Request a Presentation


To inquire about off-campus presentations or training, please inquire with Reuben Parrish, Assistant Director of UH Wellness, at

Presentation Topics

  • Fitness and Nutrition
    • Healthy Eating
    • Physical Fitness
    • Well Bod
    • Sleep 
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health
    • Sexuality
    • Healthy Relationships
    • HIV and STIs
    • Safe Sex Practices 
  • Injury and Violence Prevention
    • Conflict and Conflict Resolution
    • Sexual Assault Prevention
    • Consent 
    • Bystander Intervention 
  • Substance Abuse
    • IMAGE
    • Alcohol Abuse
    • Drug Abuse
  • Mental Health & Disorder
    • Stress and Time Management
    • Relaxation
    • Mindfulness 
    • Mental Health First Aid