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Sexual Violence Prevention

UH Wellness Sexual Violence Prevention and Education (SVPE) is committed to creating and sustaining a campus culture free of sexual violence. Sexual violence prevention and education at the University of Houston follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s evidence-based strategies through promoting social norms that protect against violence, teaching skills to prevent sexual violence, providing empowerment, and creating protective environments.

Sexual violence is a serious public health problem affecting the health and well-being of the University of Houston community. Sexual violence is not just a problem itself but is the outcome of many other problems. Social change, acknowledgment of larger systems, and new approaches will all lead to ending sexual violence.

Important Contacts

Sexual Misconduct Support Services 832.842.9472 
Dean of Students 832.842.6183 
Title IX (Coordinator: Rebecca Lake) 713.743.8835 
Equal Opportunity Services 713.743.8835 
Center for Student Advocacy and Community 713.743.5558 
Women and Gender Resource Center 832.842.9472 
Counseling and Psychological Services 713.743.5454  
Student Health Center 713.743.5151  
Fraud & Non-Compliance Hotline (anonymous reporting) 800.461.9330  
UH Police Department 713.743.3333 
Houston Police Department 800.716.9007   

For more information regarding sexual violence prevention and education, contact JR Rubinsky at or 713-743-1572.