Amruta Raghatate - University of Houston
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Amruta Raghatate Research Assistant, Graduate School

From day one, Amruta has taken "the bull by the horns." What used to be a 2 person role, Amruta has proven it only requires one skilled, determined, quick learning, and hard working person to manage the Graduate School website. Her enthusiasm and excitement of her work is contagious. She is a major asset to the Graduate School, everyone in the office is appreciative of her hard work. Amruta does not need to be told twice, she will work hard to get all of her job done in a timely manner and well done. You can assign her a task with little direction and she will figure it out and get it done quickly. She has great attention to detail and professionalism. She is smart, logical, and a great problem solver. She is always a team player, a great leader, she is always willing to take the initiative without asking her to do so. In all, Amruta is unique, reliable, kind, hard worker, and a great communicator. Every time we need to update something on the website we never wait more than two business days for the update to take place, she is always attentive to her emails and is always informing everyone on the process. Amruta is always asking departments to give her feedback, she is always willing to hear other people out to improve the website, and she is never phased or scared to hear criticism. On the contrary, she believes it builds the quality of work and herself. It is rare to meet someone like Amruta. One of Amruta’s hardest projects, creating a calendar, she tackled with patience and determination. She did all of the codes and everything by herself, the UH Marketing team helped her set up the calendar, but she did everything herself, we did not need to be checking up on her. She would always update the team to show where she was at and to show any updates that needed to be done. Now thanks to her diligence the website’s calendar is now live and a big success.