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Bryce Wyatt

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How did you choose your path to teaching - did you always want to be a teacher?

"I did not always want to be a teacher. The path found me. My field is A/V production and I've had the fortune to be doing it long before graduating from college. Suddenly, Lost the desire to work for a major studio and only wanted to do freelance work. Needing quite a bit more income, I worked in a warehouse and discovered I have good people skills. Seven months in, it occurred to me that I didn't want to work at the warehouse any longer. I then discovered the idea of teaching. Interestingly enough, I was able to find a school that offered a job teaching exactly what I received my degree in."

What does your day to day look like at your teaching job?

"A typical day as a teacher starts with me arriving 20 minutes before the first bell to let in the early bird students who are waiting outside my door. Then I teach multiple different class periods. My off period is together with my lunch break so it's like I have an extended lunch. Dealing with some students' behavior is a challenge. Before I know it, the final bell rings at 3 pm and it is just about time to leave."

What are the modern skills teachers possess? Or which ones do you rely on the most to excel as a teacher?

"Commitment is key. It's your foundation that helps you get through the challenges of the day. Preparation is also important as you want to be ready with your lessons and assignments to minimize unproductive free time. It helps to be a technology enthusiast as it helps you relate to your students better as well as keep up with the times for online learning. And definitely be open for questions as you want students to immediately ask them after instruction as opposed to waiting."

What advice do you have for your fellow Coogs about life after graduation or searching for jobs?

"My advice would be to make sure you are practicing your area of study outside of the classroom before you graduate because companies are looking for experience to go along with education. Don't get down on yourself if you are not able to find a job in your field right away. There's no shame in working a blue-collar job until you find something you're really looking for. And be patient as the right opportunity will find you."

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