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A resume shows your relevant professional experiences, education, skills, volunteer activities, and honors in a written formal document and is used to apply for jobs or internships.

Sample Resume

Resume FAQ

What is a Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A curriculum vitae or CV is traditionally used in academic settings and tends to be multiple pages and could be used when applying for graduate or professional school, research positions, academic positions or grant proposals. Traditionally, only job candidates with doctoral preparation need CVs. However, more employers are asking for CVs from applicants with a master’s or even a bachelor’s degree. Only use a CV when specifically requested. View our sample CV below:

CV Resources and Tips

  • Resume to CV worksheet
  • Only use a CV when specifically requested.
  • Consult with your faculty member/advisor to ensure the format is customized to your discipline.
  • Look at a variety of CVs within your field to build your personal understanding and CV style.
  • A CV should be 2-4 pages in length.
  • If seeking positions abroad, please note international CVs are different. Please, refer to specific country guidelines and preferences.

Cover Letter

Cover letters serve as a written introduction of yourself expressing interest in a position within an organization. Cover letters are tailored for each position and highlight specific skills and abilities that relate to the job description.

Not sure where to start? Try our Cover Letter Worksheet to brainstorm ideas.

sample cover letter

Want to meet with someone about your resume?

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VMock SMART Resume Platform

Upload to VMock Smart Resume Platform for same-day resume feedback

VMock is a SMART Resume Platform that allows students to upload their resume and have it reviewed for FREE, using data and benchmarks from professionals throughout all industries. Feedback is generated and shared with the student so improvements can be made.