Natalia Diaz - University of Houston
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Natalia Diaz Intern/Program Coordinator, HEALTH Research Institute

Natalia came into HRI and instantly carved herself a spot. We are a close-knit group but she quickly fit in! She's very responsive, extremely capable, and always helpful. One particular example was when we had to disseminate flyers to different non-profits around the city. Rather than stay quiet, Natalia offered to help! She assisted us in going out and promoting our conference and helped us to meet our attendance goal. Another example of Natalia going above and beyond is on an assignment that required us to obtain the contact information for the CEO's and Executive Directors of a number of organizations. There were quite a handful of these organizations where emails could not be obtained and so we had to cold-call these organizations. Natalia, once again, pitched in and helped us tremendously. She helped us complete the assignment and submit it before the deadline. On numerous occasions Natalia has shown how, despite it being work-study, she will commit her best with every opportunity. Thanks Natalia!