Jason Moreno - University of Houston
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Jason Moreno Financial Aid Assistant, Scholarships and Financial Aid

Jason Moreno provides a constant vibrant and uplifting atmosphere to our office. He diligently comes to work and immediately starts his day by working on current projects. He is a fast worker, but has great attention to detail. He will start a project and finishes it in half of the expected timeframe. If the project is split between multiple work studies, then he will assist with their portion as well with the mindset that we are a team. He is also very humble and maintains the, "we" statement even if the project was mostly, or fully, completed by him. After his work is finished, he will ask staff members if they need assistance with anything. He feels that at work he wants to remain busy. If he notices a staff member stressed, or extremely busy, from their own project he will offer his assistance. Going beyond the normal work study duties and asking, "What can I do to help you?" He always asks questions and is eager to know the background of a project and the affect his work will have. He will go above and beyond on a task and look deeper into a situation if he spots something out of the normal. For example, he has the task to review Scholarship Award Memos for accuracy and to ensure they are posted to each students account. Anything students that are overlooked, or incorrect, must be reported promptly. However, Jason also does a deep dive and ensure the scholarship has not only posted, but that it has disbursed; and that any other aid that has not disbursed is reviewed for disbursement as well. If he notices that there is an overaward situation (where the student has more aid than eligible for) he will review the student's budget for possible expenses we can consider to add to their budget. This in turns allows our students more room for more aid. He wants to ensure that the student is not just awarded, but that they receive the aid they are entitled to promptly and avoid increased call volume from worried students. He is proactive and prioritizes his work. He was transferred to our Scholarships department from the call center so he is very patient, student service driven, and diligent. When call volume starts to increase he is first to assist our call center. He has been a great assistant and has greatly supported our staff and students.