Lexi Williams - University of Houston
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Lexi Williams Personal Trainer, Campus Recreation

Alexis Williams, aka “Lexi”, has been one of the most impactful students I have supervised in my time within Higher Education. Her impact goes beyond simply doing an excellent job with a great attitude. Rather, she independently finds ways to influence others toward changing their lives for the better. The spirit of well-being permeates everything that she does, which allowed her to affect the university community in multiple ways. Lexi began as a Personal Trainer with Campus Recreation after gaining a nationally accredited certification from the American Council on Exercise. In her time working 1 on 1 with clients, she maintained excellent client retention and wildly positive feedback. While training individuals, she invested in herself by working toward certifications in both Behavior Change and Health Coaching; greatly improving her ability to develop rapport and lead others toward more holistic well-being goals. Her dedication to improvement led to her selection as the trainer for our niche Small Group Programs. In these, Lexi collaborated with our Dietitian and other fitness professionals to develop an 8-week course called "Downsizing" in which she worked with students who are overweight and striving to reach a healthy body composition and develop healthy habits. Lexi delivered excellent educational presentations while gradually integrating exercise to maximize the participant’s commitment and success. Based on the pre and post-assessment, people were drinking more water, seeking out nutrient rich foods, being more intentionally active and even improved physical measures such as waist to hip ratio. Lexi has a passion for helping others through education and developing a positive experience with exercise. She plans to feed this passion by completing a graduate program and a Ph.D in Public Health, where I am certain she will excel and continue helping people reach their goals.