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Recruit at UH

Why recruit @ UH?

  • Our students | As one of the most ethnically diverse, public research institutions in the nation—our diversity is our strength and an asset that fosters an excellent environment for our students to grow, learn and become strong professionals! Student demographic information

  • Our team | We provide tailored, customized recruitment plans for your organization—we want to make your experience great and help you find the right talent to meet your needs! Meet your Industry Lead

  • Strategic diversity initiatives | We are committed to helping organizations understand the best ways to support, serve and retain diverse candidates. Our goal is to develop corporate partners who apply justice, equity, diversity and inclusion principles towards hiring and employee growth. UH diversty, equity and inclusion.

Customized recruitment plans

We plan to have a Hybrid approach for Spring 2022—we hope this will allow employers and students the opportunity to engage however they feel comfortable.

Below are the categories or options for your organization to engage with our students and alumni:

Professional Development & Education Programs
Meet one on one (or in a group workshop) with our students/alumni to provide career guidance and support.

  • Resume / CV reviews
  • Mock interviews / One way interviews / “Pitch” sessions
  • Career Workshops
  • Prep Weeks (#Prepare4theFair & STEM Careers Week)
Experiential Learning & Outreach Opportunities
Provide real world learning experiences for our students/alumni through internships/career opportunities and networking.
Career Fairs & Hiring Events
Career Fairs or networking events allow employers direct access to our talented students and alumni.

Interested in one or more of these opportunities?

  1. Submit your interest through our Spring 2022 Interest form
  2. Reach out to your industry lead
  3. Email our team at