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Checklists, Academic Maps & Forms

Course Checklists

Biology & Biochemistry Checklists

Chemistry Checklists

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Academic Maps

The academic maps serve as a way to plan out your courses with your advisor and ensure you complete your degree at UH within four years. Meet with your advisor to determine how the academic maps will best fit your needs. Please see the corresponding academic map for each of our undergraduate degree programs.

Academic Maps

Petition Forms

Transfer Credit Petition Form

Transfer credit petitions should be used for requests to have a transferred course considered for core credit or direct equivalency. In order to submit a transfer credit petition, your transfer credit must already be evaluated and posted to your myUH account. Transfer credit petitions must have an attached syllabus and course description for the course in question. It’s recommended that you speak with an advisor before petitioning transfer credit to make sure the petition is needed.

Transfer Credit Petition Form

General Petition Form

General petition forms are used for many different situations, including a change of major or degree objective, term activation or a request for a degree requirement exception. They are NOT to be used for transfer credit situations. It’s recommended that you speak with an advisor or UAC staff member before submitting a general petition to make sure the petition is necessary and correctly worded. For all major changes within the College of NSM, an advising session with an advisor is required.

General Petition Form

VA Certification Forms

Each semester that a student receives benefits from the Veterans Affairs (VA) Office, he/she is required to complete a VA Certification form. This form is completed by both the student and the advisor to verify that the courses that the student is enrolled in will count towards his/her degree. A student may drop the form off at the front desk of the NSM Undergraduate Advising Center located in Room 115 of the Fleming building. The advisor will then contact the student when the form is ready to be picked up.

Students must download both the “Request for Enrollment Certification” form and the “Advisor Verification” form. Both forms may be downloaded online.