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Change of Major

Change of Major Process - The Path to NSM

This Pathway outlines the process to transfer to an NSM major and places you on the road to complete key course requirements and prerequisites.

1. Take the Math Placement Exam for Calculus I.

Why do we care about this?
Fewer than 2% of students who do not successfully complete Calculus I in their first 30 hours actually graduate with an NSM degree.

How do I register to take the online exam? Is there a way to prepare for it beforehand?
First, create an account at the Center for Academic Support and Assessment (CASA) webpage at Next, visit for FAQs including registration and preparation instructions.

I didn’t get the required score to take Calculus I. What now?
If you scored 65–79 on the online Calculus placement exam, you have placed into Pre-Calculus. Keep in mind that you’ll need to complete Pre-Calculus and Calculus I in your first year to remain on track to change your major. If you don’t place into Pre-Calculus, it’s time to reevaluate if a major in NSM is truly the right fit for you. If you still love the subject matter, explore related majors in Education, Technology, and Liberal Arts & Social Sciences.

2. Visit University Career Services to connect with a career counselor.

How can they help me?
Career counselors can help identify various paths to meet your career goals. Career assessment tools are used to match your interest areas with your skills and abilities. Their comprehensive services start with career counseling, conclude with job placement, and include everything in between! Visit to meet with a career counselor.

3. Attend a Change of Major Information Session hosted by NSM.

Who facilitates these sessions?
Change of major sessions are conducted by NSM academic advisors who advise for your selected major.

What information will I receive at a change of major session?
Academic advisors review the requirements for change of major in detail. This includes a personalized advising document outlining any missing requirements, target GPA, and a determination if a change of major is feasible in the immediate future.

When are the sessions, and how do I sign up?
Schedule a “Changing Major to [intended major]” appointment via Navigate to secure your spot for the next available session. Please call 713-743-2626 if you run into any issues or have questions.

4. Keep those grades up!

I’m nervous about making the grades I need to change my major. Where can I go for help?
UH has a variety of tutoring services on campus. These include SEP, CASA, and LAUNCH.

5. Requirements met? Change my major!

Hooray! I meet the requirements to change to NSM now! What’s next?
Email the NSM advisor of your selected major that you are ready to change your major! The advisor will verify that you attended a change of major information session, confirm your eligibility and initiate the process for you.

First Semester Key Courses for Your Future NSM Major

  • MATH 2413 (formerly 1431) Calculus I
  • BIOL 1306 & 1106 Biology for Science Majors I Lecture & Lab (formerly BIOL 1361 & 1161 Intro to Biological Science I Lecture & Lab)
  • CHEM 1311 (formerly 1331) & 1111 Fund. of Chemistry I Lecture & Lab
  • MATH 2413 (formerly 1431) Calculus I
  • CHEM 1311 (formerly 1331) & 1111 Fund. of Chemistry I Lecture & Lab
  • MATH 2413 (formerly 1431) Calculus I
  • COSC 1336 (formerly 1306) Computer Science Programming
  • MATH 2413 (formerly 1431) Calculus I
  • GEOL 1303 & 1103 (formerly 1330 & 1130) Physical Geology Lecture & Lab

Option A: Environmental Geosciences

  • MATH 2413 (formerly 1431) Calculus I
  • GEOL 1303 & 1103 (formerly 1330 & 1130) Physical Geology Lecture & Lab

Option B: Atmospheric Sciences

  • MATH 2413 (formerly 1431) Calculus I
  • GEOL 1347 & 1147 (formerly 1350 & 1150) Meteorology Lecture & Lab
  • GEOL 1302 & 1102 Global Climate Change Lecture & Lab
  • MATH 2413 (formerly 1431) Calculus I
  • GEOL 1303 & 1103 (formerly 1330 & 1130) Physical Geology Lecture & Lab
  • CHEM 1311 (formerly CHEM 1331) & 1111 Fund. of Chemistry I Lecture & Lab
  • MATH 2413 (formerly 1431) Calculus I

Visit the UH Academic Maps for sample outlines of degree requirements designed to be completed in four years. Completion timelines may vary.

I don’t meet change of major requirements. What other related majors are offered at UH?
We encourage you to explore options across campus, such as Health, Nutrition, Economics, Exercise Science, Psychology, Biotechnology, Engineering Technology, and Computer Information Systems.  Contact an advisor for your major of interest directly to get more information.

Change of Major Requirements

Students currently enrolled at UH and seeking a change of major into or within the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics must have:

  1. A minimum cumulative UH GPA of at least 2.50.
  2. A mathematics and science GPA of at least 2.50 based on all math and science courses taken at UH that are applicable to NSM degrees (Excluded courses listed below).
  3. Students seeking a major in the Departments of Biology & Biochemistry, Chemistry, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, or Physics or a Mathematical Biology major, you must have completed a minimum of 3 semester hours of mathematics at UH (Calculus I or equivalent or higher) and 3 semester hours of science at UH.
  4. Students seeking majors in the Departments of Computer Science or Mathematics must have completed a minimum of 6 semester hours in mathematics at UH (Calculus I or equivalent or higher).

* Students seeking a first bachelor’s degree with more than 30 hours credit may not change to NSM unspecified.

  • BIOL 2101 Anatomy & Physiology Lab I (formerly BIOL1134 Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab I)
  • BIOL 2102 Anatomy & Physiology Lab II (formerly BIOL1144 Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab II)
  • BIOL 2120 Microbiology for Non-Science Majors Lab (formerly BIOL 1153 Pre-Nursing Microbiology Lab)
  • BIOL 1319 (formerly 1309) Human Genetics and Society
  • BIOL 1308 Biology for Non-Science Majors I (formerly BIOL 1310 General Biology I)
  • BIOL 1309 Biology for Non-Science Majors II (formerly BIOL 1320 General Biology II)
  • BIOL 2301 Anatomy & Physiology I (formerly BIOL1334 Human Anatomy & Physiology I) - if completed prior to FA2020
  • BIOL 2302 Anatomy & Physiology II (formerly BIOL1344 Human Anatomy & Physiology II) - if completed prior to FA2020
  • BIOL 2320 Microbiology for Non-Science Majors (formerly BIOL 1353 Pre-Nursing Biology)
  • CHEM 1105 (formerly 1101) Foundations of Chemistry Lab
  • CHEM 1102 General Organic Chemistry Lab
  • CHEM 1117 Fundamentals of Chemistry for Engineers Lab
  • CHEM 1305 (formerly 1301) Foundations of Chemistry
  • CHEM 1302 General Organic Chemistry
  • MATH 1300 Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • MATH 1332 (formerly 1311) Elementary Mathematical Modeling
  • MATH 1351 (formerly 1312) Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning
  • MATH 1324 (formerly 1313) Finite Mathematics with Applications
  • MATH 1325 Calculus for Business & Social Sciences (formerly Calculus for Business & the Life Sciences)
  • MATH 2303 Concepts in Algebra
  • MATH 1342 Elementary Statistical Methods (formerly MATH 2311 Into to Probability & Statistics)
  • MATH 3303 Elements of Algebra and Number Theory
  • MATH 3304 Mathematical Analysis
  • MATH 3305 Formal & Informal Geometry
  • MATH 3306 Problem Solving in Mathematics
  • MATH 3307 Statistical Applications
  • MATH 3310 History of Mathematics
  • PHYS 1100 Physics Problem Solving Techniques
  • PHYS 1304 Solar System (formerly PHYS 1305 Introductory Astronomy-The Solar System)
  • PHYS 1303 Stars and Galaxies (formerly PHYS 1306 Introductory Astronomy-Stellar and Galactic Systems)
  • PHYS 2340 Science of Sound
  • PHYS 5311 Physics for High School Teachers I
  • PHYS 5312 Physics for High School Teachers II
  • PHYS 5397 Selected Topics in Physics for High School Teachers