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Nearly 100 NSM Students Present at 2020 Undergraduate Research Day
In total, 280 UH students participated in virtual event.

Lost and Found: UH Geologists ‘Resurrect’ Missing Tectonic Plate
Long-debated plate located in northern Canada using 3D mapping technology.

Yingcai Zheng Named Robert and Margaret Sheriff Professor in Applied Geophysics
Associate professor honored to receive professorship named after philanthropic couple.

Nanotech Filter Coating Offers Promise Against COVID-19
Coating developed by UH professor being tested in New York City.

Help for Nepal: UH Volunteers Create Free Video Lessons for Children During Pandemic
Omprakash Gnawali led initiative to create videos, website and practice exam questions.

Staying One Step Ahead to Stop Hackers in their Tracks
U.S. Army grant helps UH researchers develop techniques to detect, deceive cyber attackers.

New Data Shows How Underwater Channels Facilitate Antarctic Ice Melt
Julia Wellner and colleagues publish bathymetry data on Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica.

Inexpensive, Non-Toxic Nanofluid Could Be a Game-Changer for Oil Recovery
The nanofluid is made from commercially available sodium using household blender.

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