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Academic Holds on Record

Why do I have a “Dean’s Hold” on my record?

Did you take a biology lab class in the last semester? You must return your lab key.

Biology and Biochemistry will notify the NSM Academic Affairs Office to release the stop when you return your key: Department of Biology and Biochemistry, 369 Science and Research Building 2, 713-743-2641.

Did you pay for Field Camp?

If you did not pay your Field Camp expenses you will need to contact the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences at 713-743-3399.

Are you on Academic Suspension?

Review your academic status by checking your grades for the last semester through either myUH (PeopleSoft) or the advisor for your major in the NSM Undergraduate Advising Center. You also may request a transcript of your complete academic record through the UH Office of Registration and Academic Records, 128 Welcome Center, 713-743-1010, or your myUH account.

See the UH Undergraduate Catalog for more information about Academic Suspension. The college’s readmission procedures are outlined on the Academic Standings & Readmission from Suspension webpage.

Were you readmitted from Academic Suspension by contract last semester?

Carefully review the contract you signed. This may mean that you did not meet the terms of the contract for the semester you were readmitted. Contact NSM Academic Affairs at 713-743-2984.

Is your major listed in the category of NSM Undeclared?

Keep in mind that students permitted to register under NSM Undeclared have one calendar year or less to declare an approved major and degree option. Has your time expired? You will need to declare a major by completing a General Petition request and submitting it to the NSM Undergraduate Advising Center (Science or Math majors) or the department of the major (majors outside of NSM). The stop can be released as soon as an approved major has been authorized with a signature by the dean of the college responsible for the proposed degree and major.

If you are a graduate student, are you in good academic standing with your program?

Review your status with your departmental graduate advisor.

Were you subject to an Academic Honesty violation?

Review the letter received from the NSM dean verifying the terms of your sanction.