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Key points to remember


Follow MAPP 04.02.01A, Travel Paid from State-Appropriated Funds: and Comptroller’s “TexTravel” rules:

  1. No gratuity (tips) allowed for travel meals, taxis, or anything
  2. No alcoholic beverages allowed
  3. Do not pay the state portion (6%) of the hotel occupancy tax for Texas hotels. Give a copy of the Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate to the hotel:
  4. Meal receipts are not required because meals never exceed per diem
  5. Itemized hotel and rental car receipts are always required (same as local fund rule)
  6. Only travel for employees and prospective employees (not guests, contractors, or students)
  7. Must use the “Travel Allowances for Receipt” page in Concur to determine the General Service Administration (GSA) rate for meal and lodging for the destination
  8. Must stay within the GSA meal and lodging per diem for the destination

Follow “Creating an Expense Report from a Travel Request (State Funds)” on the AP Travel website:


  1. No business meals whether traveling or not
  2. No food or beverage of any kind (except for travel meals)