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Allowable Airfare classes. Economy/Coach class airfare, (i.e., lowest priced airfare class such as Economy, Main Cabin, Wanna Get Away, etc.) can be purchased. The amount that a state agency pays or reimburses for a state employee to travel between points by commercial airline may not exceed the lowest rate available .  First class airfare may be paid or reimbursed only if it is the only available airfare.  Business class airfare may be paid or reimbursed only if a lower airfare is not available. 

Additional upgrades and fees. The university allows travelers to book economy airfare with added services such as extra legroom, additional luggage, early-bird check-in, and seat selection fees without additional justification when travelling with local fund. However, any other upgrades with fees are not allowed. No-cost upgrades to business class or first class airfare are acceptable, as long as the airfare receipt provided by the airline or travel agency clearly indicates that there is no additional cost for the upgrade.

Checked bags. The cost of first checked bag can be claimed as travel-related expense (Airline Fees). The cost of additional checked bags is allowed and will not require justification if  it is related with business purpose.

Required approval. All travel that is related to University business, programs, or activities, whether paid by the University or not, must be approved in advance (i.e., prior to departure) for all travelers by all of the required approvers on a Travel Request in Concur.

Airfare purchase on state funds. Official university travel paid or reimbursed from state-appropriated funds must use state or university contracted vendors, when available. Airfare purchased from a non-contracted travel agency, if the purchase meets acceptable condition(s) of non-use of contracted travel services.  The Travel Exemption Certification Form is required. 

Airfare purchase on local funds. Official university travel paid or reimbursed from local funds is not required to utilize state contracted vendors. 

Receipt Requirements. The receipt or itinerary must include the following: the name of the employee and airline, and the ticket number, and the class of transportation, and the travel dates, and the amount of the airfare, and the origin and destination of each flight, and proof of payment.

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