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Rental Car

Rental cars up to a full size vehicle are reimbursable/allowable. Any vehicle with a higher rate requires a business purpose explaining why it is necessary to rent that vehicle . Rental cars may be reimbursed to one employee, though more than one employee uses the same rental car.

Official university travel paid or reimbursed from state-appropriated funds must use state or university contracted vendors , when available. Official university travel paid or reimbursed from local funds is not required to utilize state contracted vendors. State-contracted rental car costs include liability and loss/damage waiver (LDW) insurance in the base rate, while non-contracted rental car costs do not. If a non-contracted rental car company is used, it is the traveler’s responsibility to obtain the proper insurance coverage

“Luxury” rental cars. Vehicles defined as “luxury” (four wheel drive SUV’s, sports cars, town cars, limousine’s) may be necessary for the business purpose. The traveler needs to complete the Travel Justification Form to explain the business purpose and attach the form to the Expense Report.

Motor Vehicle Record Request Form. All persons driving rental/leased cars during their university business travel within the U.S. must complete and submit the MVR Request Form to Risk Management ( ). Travel Requests do not initiate insurance coverage.  It is the responsibility of the Department to ensure that their travelers complete and submit the MVR Request Form to Risk Management prior to their trips .

Receipt Requirements. The receipt must include the following: the name of the rental company, the name of the employee renting the vehicle, the starting and ending dates of the rental, an itemization of expenses incurred, and proof of payment.

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