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Guest Travel

  • Approvals

    Travel Request:

    U.S., Mexico, & Canada Delegate-Unit Head-Certifying Signatory
    Foreign (Local Funds) Delegate-Unit Head-Certifying Signatory

    *Provost must approve foreign travel for any faculty

    Expense Report:

    All destinations Delegate-Certifying Signatory-AP
  • Requirements

    Travel reimbursements for the university guest must be in accordance with the agreement/contract and supported with itemized receipts. The expense must not be lavish or extravagant. 

  • Documentation
    • Itemized receipts
    • Program/Agenda
    • Fully approved travel request 
  • Additional Information

    In order to create a Concur profile for non-employees, complete the Concur Non-Employee access form and submit it to Concur@Central.UH.EDU

    Delegates can create Travel Requests for non-employee travelers and submit the requests into workflow for them. Delegates can create Expense Reports for non-employee travelers and submit the reports into workflow for the non-employee.  Non-employees do not log into Concur. 

    University guests should not be hosting business meals, or buying meals for employees or other travelers. Employees and other travelers should pay for their own meals. 

    If Traveler is both a non-employee and a foreign national , the Expense Report should be routed to UH Tax.

Sources: MAPP 04.02.01B, SAM 03.A.03