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  • Refundable cancellations

    If an expense is refundable, the cardholder or custodian should verify that a credit appears in Concur by the end of the following calendar month. If a credit does not appear in Concur, the cardholder or custodian should seek to dispute the charge. 

  • How to keep track of credits for future use

    The department is responsible for keeping records of the tickets and applying the amount for the employee’s next business travel (if any).

  • Information on repayment

    Departments accepting cash must follow the guidelines of the Office of Finance for cash handling and deposit. All persons accepting cash must be authorized. Each time cash is received in person, an acceptable forms of receipt must be used. Must receive an acceptable form of payment. Checks, money orders, and currency must be physically safeguarded and securely stored until transmitted to SFS, the Treasurer’s Office, or Donor and Alumni Records. Cash receipts must be deposited accordingly. Follow procedures for Deposit Timeliness, remote cash deposit, and non-remote cash deposit. Additional deposit procedures for off-site locations. Maintain required records.

  • Processing cancellations in Concur

    When a trip is cancelled due to concerns of the Coronavirus, the traveler will be reimbursed for their out-of-pocket expenses. Accounts Payable will however, seek additional documentation to ensure they are not reimbursing someone for something that was already refunded to them by the merchant. The traveler needs to contact the merchant and seek a refund from them first. If the merchant is unwilling to issue a refund, that is when Accounts Payable will be able to issue out the reimbursement. Accounts Payable will ask for the following when processing the Concur Expense Report:

    • Itemized receipt showing proof of payment
    • Approved Travel Request ID
    • Brief statement detailing why the traveler cancelled their trip
    • Hotel/Airfare/Organization cancellation policy 

Sources: MAPP 04.02.01B, Texas Government Code Section 660.015