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Travel paid by a third party

  • Indicator in Concur

    If any travel cost is paid by a non-UH third party, indicate the third party name, and if 100% of the cost was paid by the third party. Then indicate if the traveler is an investigator on a Public Health Service (PHS) grant, and/or his/her salary is paid from a PHS grant. If so, Concur will automatically notify the Division of Research (DOR) to ensure compliance with federal requirements. For a partial cost coverage by the third party and the traveler is funded/paid by PHS, attach the third party letter (if available) indicating the amount/percentage covered.

  • Reimburse UH due to unexpected reimbursement from a third party.

    If a student or employee is reimbursed for travel expenses by a third party (e.g., host of a conference), they must deposit the reimbursement check (or personal check made payable to university for the same amount) into the appropriate university cost center and account immediately upon receipt using a Journal Entry.

Sources: MAPP 04.02.01B