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Not Traveling from Houston

  1. Some UH employees live and work at other locations (This is not very common). An example is a government relations employee based in Austin, TX, or Washington, D.C.

    In these situations, it is expected that the employee’s tax home is not in Houston, and no special documentation is required if they are traveling from their tax home.

  2. A traveler needs to attend a conference or business function during the summer but they are not in Houston. For the round-trip airfare from their current location to the business destination/conference and other business-related expenses to be reimbursed, the following must apply:

    1. The trip must be business related and benefit the University.
    2. The Travel Request must indicate the departure city.
    3. The traveler needs to provide an explanation of why their departure location is not Houston.

  3. The traveler needs to attend more than one conference related to University business (they were at one conference and went to another) In order for all business-related expenses to be reimbursed the following must apply:

    Both destinations need to be listed on the Travel Request. 

  4. The traveler was on vacation (away from Houston) and went to a conference.

    Reimbursement depends on several factors:

    1. Number of vacation days vs. number of business days.
    2. Location of Vacation and Location of conference.
    3. Destination after conference (Are they going back to vacation location or Houston.)
    4. Travel Dates on Travel Request.

    Since this type of situation depends on so many factors please contact AP Travel before arranging travel.