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Undergraduate Programs

The College of Architecture and Design seeks applicants possessing mechanical inventiveness, aesthetic awareness, creativity, commitment, and initiative contributing to their potential to become leaders in design.

With undergraduate programs in Architecture, Industrial Design, and Interior Architecture, the College of Architecture and Design is developing an integrated approach to design. Capitalizing on the synergy of combining and overlapping the degree programs, the College seeks to prepare students to take advantage of evolving professions.

Already one of the most diverse programs in the nation, the College of Architecture and Design continues to grow — the student body is simultaneously becoming larger and more diverse while applicant test scores have risen in the past few years.

With the first class of students entering in Fall 2011 and graduating in Spring 2015, the Interior Architecture program takes advantage of its focus on the design of objects and spaces to connect to Industrial Design and Architecture.

Introduced in 2003, the College of Architecture and Design houses the only Industrial Design program in Texas as part of the undergraduate program. Industrial Design focuses on product design, with its faculty bringing expertise in sustainability, advanced materials, human factors, advanced computing, and methods of industrialized production to the College of Architecture and Design.