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The Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design seeks applicants possessing curiosity, commitment, initiative, creativity, and a solid work ethic.  These characteristics lend to student's potential to become reflective practitioners and leaders in design.  Our curriculum is designed to prepare our graduates for professional practice by equipping them with a comprehensive understanding of human needs and a command of technologies that enable them to shape their environments. Our focus on sustainable design has forged collaborative projects across the disciplines.

Recognized as one of the most diverse programs in the United States, our college continues to grow. While our student body has simultaneously become larger and more diverse, our applicant test scores have also risen in the past several years.

The success of our students and alumni, as well as the work of accomplished faculty educating our students, are what put us on top.  We don't want to brag on ourselves, but our numbers say it all.

  • #31 of the top 35 undergraduate programs in the United States (DesignIntelligence)
  • #14 "Most Hired From Architecture School" in the United States (DesignIntelligence)
  • Top 7% of 508 architecture schools in the United States (Architecture College Rankings)
  • #6 out of the top 10 Industrial Design programs in the United States; #14 in the world (Red Dot)
  • 30 years as a leader in design/build education
  • 3 international student exhibitions in Venice (2014) and Berlin (2017 & 2020)

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