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Hines College Mental Health Resources

The University of Houston has a number of resources available to support your self-care, mental health, and overall wellness. Visit the CoogsCARE Mental Health and Wellness page.

CoAD Support for Students

In addition to university-wide resources, students can also find support within the College. Here is a summary of the college-initiated safe spaces, support services, and outreach for students. Others are under development, so please stay tuned.

  • CoAD Student Reporting Resource (CSRR): This online portal offers a safe space for students to report issues that are negatively impacting their education and/or personal well-being. The information shared in the portal will be reviewed by Associate Dean Trang Phan. Students have the option to remain anonymous. If students choose to self-identify, they will receive a personal follow-up. Access the portal here.
  • Dough-not Worry: Working in partnership with CAPS and our Hines College academic advising team, CoAD Student Council will host Dough-not Worry on April 6 at 4:00 p.m. in the CoAD Atrium, an event focused on empowerment, fellowship, and solidarity for CoAD students. Event planners invite you to complete a needs-assessment survey so they can better design an impactful event for participants. 
  • What’s on your mind? Ask anything. Say anything. Share anything: A monthly open forum focused on providing students a safe space to discuss, vent, examine, explore, commiserate, celebrate, problem-solve, challenge, and acknowledge pertinent issues and concerns that influence their lived experiences. 
  • Student Services and Academic Advising in the Hines College: This college-resource is staffed by professional academic advisors who are committed to students and their success. Through the utilization and integration of college and university-wide resources, our college academic advisors partner with students, faculty, and university representatives across our campus to challenge, empower, and support students to make informed and proactive decisions that will advance their academic, personal, and professional goals.