Alumni Association Board Members - University of Houston
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The Architecture and Design Alumni Association is led by a Board of Directors representing alumni with diverse experiences and backgrounds. Their work seeks to strengthen relationships with alumni, students, faculty, and staff of the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design. If you would like to reach out to anyone on the board, please email
  • Matthew Mitchell '05

  • Alejandro Colom '94

    Vice President
  • Nick Jackson ‘10

  • Franco Albarran '99


  • Filo Castore

    Filo Castore '00

    Awards Chair
  • Lara Richard '12

    Ambassadorship Chair
  • Jessica Hedge ’17

    Ambassadorship Vice Chair
  • Laura Vargas ’08

    EDI Chair
  • Maurice Marroquin ’15

    Events Chair
  • Eric Hudson ‘08

    Governance Chair
  • Justin Taplet ‘08

    Governance Vice Chair
  • Shannon Bedinger ‘05

    Student Engagement Chair
  • Paul Molina ’19

    Student Engagement Vice Chair
  • Roya Plauche '01

    Faculty Liaison
  • Nyx Valerdy

    Student Liaison