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Tin Pham-Tran

B.A. Architecture (2015)
B.S. Hotel and Restaurant Management (2020)

Tin Pham-Tran graduated from the University of Houston from the College of Architecture and is currently working towards his post-baccalaureate in Hotel and Restaurant Management. He moved to the states from Vietnam when he was 16 years old and has had a passion for dance since he was 5 years old. In late 2012 he started ballroom dancing at the rec center to relieve stress, and later became president of the UH ballroom dancing club for two years during his undergraduate career. That is where he met his current dance partner, Eunice, and since then, they have danced at approximately 20 competitions at the collegiate, regional and national levels. Tin is motivated by achievement and strives to improve his performance. His goal is to inspire others using dance. After graduating, he became team captain, and now while doing his post-baccalaureate in Hotel and Restaurant Management he is the ballroom dancing coach and competition director.