Climbing Competition - University of Houston
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Climbing Competition

Event Details

  • Name: Anti-Gravity
  • Date: Saturday, March 30
  • Type: Top Rope and Boulder
  • Time: 12:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.
    • Session #1: 12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.
    • Session #2: 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • Location: Campus Recreation and Wellness Center
  • Price:
    • $35.00 before January 19
    • $45.00 before February 29
    • $55.00 after March 1st
  • Registration Opens: Friday, December 1st
  • Register at
  • Registration includes: Contest Entry, raffle ticket, and T-Shirt.
    • ***Shirt quantity is limited.
    • ***Shirts not guaranteed for registrants after March 1st


General Rules

  • Climbing poses the risk of serious injury. Competitors, officials, and others participate in climbing competitions at their own risk.
  • For safety reasons, only competitors, judges, belayers, and other individuals approved by Officials are permitted in the Competition Area. Officials shall instruct all other individuals to leave.
  • Competition Officials, including without limitation Belayers, may not have any physical contact with a competitor during an attempt.
  • The Climbing Judge may order that a competitor's attempt be terminated if the Climbing Judge decides that to proceed further would contravene the regulations regarding the safety of the competitor, another competitor, or another individual in the Competition Area, and may declare a Technical Incident if no other rule addresses the termination of the attempt in the particular circumstance.
  • A competitor must wear a top, bottoms, climbing shoes and (where relevant) a harness during their attempts.
  • A competitor may use:
    • a chalk bag and commercially available dry or liquid climbing chalk for their hands.
    • elasticated compression bandages/wraps (for arms/legs);
    • kinesiology and similar tape where necessary for the prevention or management of injury;
  • A competitor must not wear, use, or carry audio equipment when climbing, unless authorized in advance.
  • A competitor must not wear or use Gloves or Kneepads.
  • A technical meeting shall be held prior to the start of the competition in order to review rules, and procedures during the competition.
  • A Head Judging Official, prior to the start of a round of competition, may instruct the Climbing Judge to provide rules and instructions regarding a route/boulder to all competitors, prior to their first attempt, on that particular route/boulder.
  • Once a competitor has been given any final instructions by the Climbing Judge and has acknowledged their readiness to start, no further instructions or information may be given to the competitor, except a competitor:
    • may request and receive clarification from the Climbing Judge concerning usability of a hold or Climbing Surface; and
    • may request and receive information concerning how the Climbing Judge scored the competitor; and
    • should be informed by the Climbing Judge of which rule resulted in the Climbing Judge terminating the competitor's attempt.
  • Each attempt of a route/boulder shall be noted on the competitor's scorecard
  • All individuals shall exhibit respectful and appropriate behavior towards other individuals and shall not engage in harassment or discrimination towards other individuals, where such individuals include, without limitation, competitors, event officials, staff, host facility personnel, and spectators.
  • An official may disqualify a competitor for any of the following infringements:
    • Untying from the rope while climbing.
    • Distracting or interfering with any judges while they are carrying out their duties.
    • Spraying beta
    • Using abusive, insulting or violent words or behavior, harassment, or discrimination towards anyone in the Competition Area.