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Tayler Banes

B.B.A. Marketing and Entrepreneurship (2018)

The rec is a place where Tayler Banes can escape from the craziness of school and her workload. It’s a place where she can de-stress and let all of her energy out during an intense workout. But most importantly, the rec is a place in which she works on empowering herself. Tayler has three keys to self-empowerment. She feels empowered from working out daily and knowing she contributed that day to her state of health. Secondly by learning something new in class and valuing the opportunity of receiving a college education. And lastly she feels empowered to be her authentic self by being surrounded by the people she loves. Tayler is a big believer of the quote “Carpe diem” by Horace, the Roman poet. She feels it is simple and to the point yet also very impactful. “Every day is a new opportunity to get better or worse, grow or lessen, or become stronger or weaker. By me waking up and attempting to ‘seize the day’ I am able to make the most of everything the day brings.” Tayler is passionate for yoga and golf. Practicing yoga allows her to improve her body and also her psyche. Golf is a sport she grew up playing and feels is a huge part of who she is. Her favorite component about the sport is that golf is a mental game. Tayler is a senior double majoring in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. She is a current student in the highly ranked Entrepreneurship program, Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship. Tayler feels the University would not be the same without our facility.