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Sophia R. Aranda

B.A. Communication - Advertising (2019)

"The hardest thing about working out in the morning is getting out of bed. After that it’s a piece of cake!" Sophie, like many finds it nearly impossible to bring herself to wake up early to exercise. She has preferred to work out during the evening since she is not a morning person. All has changed since she decided to really push herself and make a big effort to wake up earlier. Sophie is currently a sophomore here at UH and absolutely loves staying active. She is motivated by being able to grow stronger both physically and mentally. Her favorite sporting activity is to dance, and attend our group fitness classes such as, Zumba and Night Club Cardio with her closest friends. Her most memorable experience here at the rec has been pushing herself to exercise with her pal, Dante every morning this semester. They enjoy various physical pursuits such as, badminton, basketball, lifting weights and ending their workout session by unwinding at the sauna. Her number one goal is to gain muscle mass and build endurance with running. A fun fact about Sophie is that she enjoys getting an assortment of fruit and mixing it with Greek yogurt, with some sprinkles of granola on top.