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Samantha N. Branum

BSME Mechanical Engineer (2019)

First impressions differ after getting to know something better. Samantha Branum a current student studying mechanical engineering, like many, has experienced a change in her perception of the UH Campus Recreation. Her first impression of the rec was that it was a little intimidating yet also motivating during the beginning of her health journey. Seeing people that were committed to exercising and living a healthy lifestyle pushed her to achieve her goals, which are to grow physically, academically and be the best version of herself. Samantha’s views on the rec have changed as time has passed. She shared that she feels much more comfortable and has gained more self-confidence. She comments, “The rec is a place I set my goals and am able to see physical results of me meeting them.” You can find Ms. Branum lifting weights in the fitness zone, but her favorite workout of all is doing back squats.